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 This is a Character Bio thing that my friend showed me on this other website...I don't remember what it was called though. lol So I thought it would just be fun to either take a character from your own story, or even yourself and make your own little Bio thing. lol

Full (Character) Name: Leyla Marie Dejong

Brith Date: October 19th, 1992

Place of Birth:  Powell River, BC.

Residence: Powell River

Height: 5'8 1/2

Weight: 135 pounds

Clothing Sizes/ Style: Classy, slightly dressy, comfy, durable

Hair Color: Light to Medium Brown

Hair Length:  Mid-back

Eye Color:  Sapphire Blue

Handedness: Left

Jewlery:  Silver Star stud nose ring (left side), Rain drop pendant with flower inside.

Tattoos:  3 small stars on the inside of right wrist, outside left ankle music note

General Appearance: Moderate, looks normal, very smiley.

Relationship with Family: Relatively Close.

Key Family/ Relatives: Brandon, Brian, Stella, and Bridget

Relationship with Friends: Extremely to Moderately Close

Key Friends: Melody Pierce,  Rebecca Brown, Clara Taylor.

Key Enemies:  Alex, Mack, and Dray

Education History:  High school Degree, Teaching Degree

Work History:  Restaurant (waitress).

Skills: Good Cook, Singing, Drawing

Phobias/ Fears:  Spiders, Heights, Whales, Deep Water.

Bad Habits/ Vices:  Bites Lip a lot,

Quirks: Day dreaming stare, sitting out on her roof at night.

Best Qualities: Caring, Self-less (most of the time), Protective.

Worst Qualities: Grabby, Slightly Critical.

Key Childhood Experience(s):  Car accident

Key Teenage Experience(s): Finding out she is a vampire. Texada group trip.

Key Adult Experience(s): Getting Married, Hooking up Melody with David Cook, having kids.

Sexual Background:

This is my main female character from my story "Hidden in the Dark"

What can you come up with?

The End

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