Party Mishaps

Four BFFs, Karen, Carter, Monica, and Eric, all started the murder mystery by a party. There was a victim caught dead outside of Monica's yard (where they are having a party) according to Photography Club leader, Akari via photos. Using your choices, they can either skip the mission, or find the killer.

*Drip, Drop, Drip, Drop.*

Do you hear that? It sounds like the gentle pouring of a certain liquid. We don't know why, we don't know what. It was starting to creep me out. Karen, by my demand...please save me.

(end of message) 

"Wake Up, for the 20th time!!!" Karen yelled at Monica, who was asleep after reading a "boring" magazine by her opinion. 

"OMG...." Monica yelled out loud after kicking away her bed sheets. Her blonde hair was messy, and her glasses were crooked. She adjusted them and took a breathe of relief. "Good thing you woke me up, Girl. I got a weird, crazy dream that---"

"Okay, okay. First of all, this is, like I said a while ago, the 20th time. And second, you don't need to explain your stupid, "weird and crazy" dream. We only have 5 minutes to get ready for your party! Some guests even arrived and were wondering where the heck the party host was." She said. Tossing a ruffled, curly dress for Monica. "Wear it, it's the least you can do."

Monica quickly put on her dress. And grabbed Karen's hand. 

"Ugh, good thing I have my dress all tidy." Karen moaned. 

As Monica and Karen went downstairs, it was better than Karen expected. There were people drinking, dancing, was just better.

Monica tapped on the microphone and announced to the guests,

"Howdy, party animals! We're about to get this party real started!!!" She then hopped out and went to the storage room. Where she met Carter on his DJ attire. 

"Hey, dude, it's your cue!" She said as she pointed to downstairs with her thumb. Without any complains, Carter nodded and went. Monica followed. 

But just when Carter was almost in 2 minutes of the remixed version of Please, I don't care, All of the guests, including Monica, Carter, Karen, and their other boy BFF, Eric heard a gunshot outside. And then a camera take. Monica rushed to see outside and find Akari Wilson, the leader of the Photography Club. And she wasn't alone, she was with one dead, bloody girl killed at the time of the gunshot. Monica immediately accused Akari of shooting Michelle, the girl who got shot. Akari denied and said she only took pictures to report immediately. 

Monica looked at Carter, Karen and Eric. And the three looked at each other too. What is their decision?

The End

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