FriendFeed Fan

It all started one Austin SXSW morning. Never before had an online service seemed so amazing and new. Melissa had found Twitter.

First on her Nokia she discovered the world of omnipresence, a place where where she shared every thought and knew immediately what all her friends, both past, present and future were doing.

Her Twitter honeymoon was splendid. Through the summer and into fall she tweeted away, and a newly delivered iPhone made participation even more enjoyable. 500 followers, 1000 followers, 2500 tweets, milestones kept passing like signposts on the Interstate.

And that's when things started to go wrong.

Despite global warming the winter was harsh, and so was her daily supply of Twitter. At first it was an occasional outage in the middle of the night, and she rarely noticed. But as winter grew colder, so did Twitter's ongoing failures. First an hour here or there, then nearly whole days, least that's how it thought to Melissa.

By spring the situation had become untenable. People started jokingly writing posts noting when Twitter was up, as opposed to down. Another SXSW has passed, and there was a new player in town, not a direct competitor, but a service that offered reliable communication where Twitter had miserably failed.

As the sun shone through the open window, Melissa tilted her Macbook Pro just so slightly as to reduce the glare. FriendFeed was her new love, and it had slowly come to substitute her previously obsessional dedication to Twitter.

The End

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