A Sister Cares: Brother Agnuish

BloodBlade looked up at her sister, she held her brother closely as he cried silently into her arms. It was a horrible sight to behold for anyone to see, for Flash is just increased her will to fight on against their opposing threat. Flash turned to the villages and remembered something.

"People of Stormwind and of DarkShire. Please do not be afraid, the armies of Quel'Thalas will help you. The light is coming"

The people started to come out of hiding, Flash turned to her cohort and ordered them to clean up what was left of the small town. BloodBlade looked up at his big sister; she smiled down at him and kissed his head.

"T-Thank you for coming"

Flash got to work with doing some minor repairs; she missed her long time friend StruckDown who had to go down to city of her birth. FlashBlade helped the villages into carts, assigned two soldiers per cart to transport them into Stormwind, GoldShire and Northshire which were the nearby towns and cities there. So after everything was cleaned up and the remaining villages who wanted to stay remind behind and back into their homes with their windows and doors boarded up.

"Those done now Blade go back to Quel'Thalas and wait for her word"
"Yes Flash, anything else"
"Tell, HellFury to gather up the Orc armies. The Humans will see this as a Horde attack"
"Mm okay, anything else"
"Tell FrostGiant I will come later"
"Will do"

BloodBlade ordered his remaining troops to gather up their belongs, mount and return home, Blade waited to last moment as Flash squad began to clean up the last of the mess before departing. He was a handsome young man was Blade without a single scar upon his face; these were the days which Blade didn't need to wear a mask at all. He was the best of the best of gladiators and freed no man or beast. Clearly if any god or goddess would choice him, it would have been Aries or Ares the God of War because Blade's record was impressive, every girl wanted to be marry him and surprisingly he was still a virgin.

"Flash?" Blade looked up at his sister
"Are you proud of me?"
"Of course I am"
"Will you tell King Anasterian that I will be home later on to see him?"
"Of course, shall I go DeathBlade then?"
"You should, he needs backup I heard"
"God speed Blade"
"God speed Flash"

With that the siblings departed on their separate ways, Flash began her way to where her troops were stationed waiting for her. They waved upon seeing her, their armour black and red stood out against the golden leaves upon the trees. Dusk wood was a scary place even at the best of times, FlashBlade waved over to them.

"Let's head over to Plague Wood men, Death's men are in need of us"
"Yes ma'am"

FlashBlade rode back the way they came, turned to go the way of Stratholme. The horrible smell of rotting bodies became stronger and stronger the closer they rode into the plague wood, Flash held her pendent of Poseidon close to her chest.

"Hold you're ground!" A grand voice shouted

It came apparent it was her brother DeathBlade; Flash began to get faster and faster as she got closer to him. There she saw, DeathBlade with what looked like armies of Stratholme with him. Flash smiled seeing Lord LightSeal, the general of armies of Stratholme.

"LightSeal! DeathBlade!" Flash called over to them
LightSeal waved over to her.

The End

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