Torn Between Friendship and Duty

They talked for a long before Flash eventfully gave in to her fear, she knew the Undead Scourge was coming and how valuable the city of Quel’Thalas was to the Elven city. StruckDown patted Flash back, hugged her closely. Two little children came running up to Flash and StruckDown, they were Dreanei children. One little boy with dark blue coloured skin and round emerald green eyes with tiny horns, the other was little girl with dark blue coloured hair with light blue coloured skin with dark emerald green eyes. They were simply adorable, clearly they were StruckDown children.

“Their adorable”

“Aren’t they, that’s BlueWater and Vally”

“So BlueWater the boy and Vally the girl?”

“Yes, Vally is three years old and Blue is eight. Their two of my big family”

“How many children do you have?”

“Over 8”

“Equal mounts?”

“Four of each, yes”


Flash nodded, StruckDown pointed the few ships beginning to set sail, properly going to the far reaches of Quel’Thalas, Orgimmar and UnderCity. It was well known fact, even despite the Horde and Alliance war going on, there was another war on the horizon and it would change EVERYTHING. StruckDown and Flash walked back into Falcon Square saw the armies of Quel’Thalas gathering. All of them in blood red, gold and silvers, the Blood Knights of Quel’Thalas, all of them looked ready for war and it was scary. StruckDown would have many more children but only eight would survive.

“It’s started…”

“Mm, I’ll send FrostGiant down to you Flash. Good Luck”

“I’ll see you later on, Struck”

StruckDown went back to her home and family, Flash went to the Sunstrider Palace with the other leaders of the Quel’Thalas and SilverMoon Leaders. Inside the grand palace, sat Anasterian and his son Kael’thas with some leaders, other side of Kael’thas was Thrall and HelFury two very important Orc Leaders.

“You all know this threat is growing closer to Quel’Thalas” Anasterian stated

“Its bigger threat, then anyone could imagined”   Flash added

“Ah Lady Flash, you’re arrived”

“FlashBlade…As in the Daughter of Lady LightBlade?” Thrall asked

“That’s right, The General of Blood Knights”

Flash saluted and bowed to them, before kneeling in respect. Thrall smiled, most Warcheifs don’t get much respect because their mostly Orcs and their not liked much but Anasterian was different unlike many other High Elf Kings, he saw the Orcs are worthily Ally against the Alliance or this new threat.

“It’s nice to meet you, Lady Flash” HelFury smiled

“Nice to meet you, Master HelFury sir”

HelFury was the Commander of the Orc armies, he was strong and fearsome. He was red in colour with ruby red eyes but not overly scary, he was Thrall’s second in command and his loyal servant.

“Any news from Lordaeron or Stratholme?”

“Lordaeron has fallen already, Stratholme still stands”

“Great, any Horde cities fallen?”

“No not yet, we’re safe so far”

“Rumour has Gilneas”

“That human city which has big wall around it?”


Anasterian got up, walked down to Flash. Flash rose and saluted, Anasterian smiled and placed his hand upon Flash shoulder. Flash smiled.

“Flash, I trust you and respect you”

“Yes you’re highness”

“I’m choosing you to lead the Armies of Quel’Thalas into battle against this threat, go and find your brother’s armies and join them with ours”

“BloodBlade in the human town of DarkShire you’re highness”

“Take a small cohort of men, travel down there and get him and his army with ours”

“DeathBlade due home, so I will meet him in his castle”

“Very Good”

“Thank You, Your Highness”

“Oh one more thing Flash”


“God Speed”

Flash nodded and went off. BloodBlade was down in DarkShire, minding the small human town; it was uneasy truth between people of Quel’Thalas and DarkShire. By the time Flash got down with her small cohort, the small town was laid quietly and most of people were ether in hiding or lay dead on the floor. Flash was stuck speechless…


“Blade?” She turns her horse around to where the voice came from. But no sign of her brother.

“Flash! Up here!”

Flash looked up, saw him upon a hill.

“What happen here?”

“They came, people from Stormwind. Saw the town was plagued and killed and burned it down by Lordaeron order”

Flash sighed.

The End

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