Friend, Foes and War: FlashBlade Story

Well, Flash isn't your average girl. In fact you could argue Flash isn't a girl anyway, she fights and acts more like a boy then a girl. She is only female Blood Knight in Quel'Thalas army and soon becomes only female Paladin as well. This is her story of how she becomes this.

You couldn’t tell that FlashBlade was once a brilliant and brave paladin. Known as the famous hammer of the Quel’Thalas, had followed in the footsteps of her mother before her once she had the permission of Quel’Thalas council she could fight on foreign lands that’s where she stumbled on the Knights of the Silver Hand or Paladins of the SilverHand, which her two friends Judgement and Light were form.

It was normal summer’s day, a young Flash is laid by the beach watching the priestess gather up water from the sea and bringing it back to the temples happily. At the very young age of twenty three, she had already proven herself against male human paladins in the arts of jousting, sword fighting and healing. A small voice called her from the back, it was the Lor'themar Theron, and Head of SilverMoon since Anasterian Sunstrider was away fighting the scourge in unknown lands.

“Lady, FlashBlade”

FlashBlade looked up at him, bowed her head in respect. Lor’themar nodded in response and smiled back at her.

“May I have a word”?

“Of course my lord”

“Lady Flash, it has come to my attention”

“Yes, my lord”

“That you’re efforts for this city and that of our people, earned a reward”

“R-reward, me?”

“Yes, you. You’re being promoted, to High Commander. You will lead and control the first and second army legions of Quel’Thalas and SilverMoon”


“Yes, and further more you will our Ambassador to rest of the Horde and some races of the Alliances”

“Oh, wow, my lord. I am very thankful”

Lor’themar nodded in response and smiled at her. He handed her a note and something else. FlashBlade bowed and watched him go. Another person came over, what do you know it was little Prince Kael’thas. Flash smiled seeing the young prince; he was only couple years old.

“You my young prince shouldn’t be out alone”


Flash giggled; she was sure he meant Flash. Despite being a truly beautiful young woman with everything going for her, she couldn’t find a male equal who she truly loved. Sure she had her bosses and her brothers setting her up with some marriage proposals but she turned them all down. Her elder brother had gone to Northerland with some of Quel’Thalas army; DeathBlade had earned himself the title of Terror of the North. Her younger brother BloodBlade was in EverSong Woods feeding the Lynx’s, at the tender age of seventeen he had already shown great skills in hunting, sword fighting, weapon crafting, blacksmithing and further sports. Another voice called her; it came from a Shaman called StruckDown.

“Hey you”


“Yeah, it me. I’m the ambassador for Shattrath City”

“It’s so good to see you”

“The lord of the sea, cannot keep me away”


“Lord Poseidon, cannot stop me from reaching you”

StruckDown was a beautiful Dreanei shaman that was odd in all cases because she was Alliance and Flash was a Horde. They shouldn’t be really friends but they are, it was amazing. StruckDown had meet Flash at neutral ground schools where both fractions were not allowed to attack each other or declare war on each other. Perfectly safe and calm, Flash got herself up.

“How have you been my old friend?”

“This war, with the undead scourge is getting awful close to this city”

“I know, the Alliance has already sent Ironforge army into battle with it”

“Who else”

“Both commanders, JudgementStrike from Lordaeron and LightSeal from Stratholme as well”

“Any news?”

“Yes, we’re losing. We thought the Burning Crusade was hard enough for fight, now this”


“IceCrown is big challenge to tackle; Rhodin and Vanessa have requested all mages return to Dalaraan”

StruckDown smiled, all Shamans were meant to go Shattrath City for safety and to prepare them for the war. Flash smiled and nodded.

The End

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