Frieda and Cleo

This is just free writing I do for fun, if you want to add stuff go for it just use the previous parts as reference

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Frieda was a small woman with engaging yellow eyes that matched her fair golden hair. She was not as young as she appeared to be, in the eyes of others she appeared to be a small child that was out and about causing problems. Frieda liked to play with this, when she was short on money or needed something she would pretend to be young and receive whatever it was that she needed. She had to travel far when she needed something because the town knew her quite well and they did not like the way she played with people. She was a beekeeper, she had always liked bugs, the yellow on the bees is what had attracted her, the bugs looked like her with their yellow.

Frieda was liked quite well by the black smith of the town, his name was Cleo, he was a bit naive. He fell for every trick, he was the kind of person that would give anyone a dollar if they asked for it. Cleo was a very tall man, he was thin though and muscled. His long curly black hair covered his eyes. He looked up when Frieda walked towards him, his silver eyes caught the light in an odd way that always brought a smile to her face. He went back to his work.

“What is it this time Frieda?” asked Cleo, he looked up at her, the light caught his eyes again.

“Why do you always think I want something?” asked Frieda in an innocent voice, she pushed the hair out of her face, still trying to look innocent.

“Because you do always want something, last time it was food before that it was money and before that it was nails” said Cleo in an irritated voice, Frieda knew that it was a fake voice though.

“Well since you expecting me to ask for something, could you maybe help me with a problem?” asked Frieda in an even more innocent voice.

“What is it?” asked Cleo, he was hammering away at a horseshoe, he seemed very interested in his work.

“There's this painter” mumbled Frieda, she was playing with a piece of her hair and turning it between two of her fingers.

“And?” asked Cleo, he was getting more irritated, he was hammering harder now.

“He stole something from me” said Frieda, she pouted hoping Cleo would look up and see the giant pout on her face, he did not even slow his work.

“What would it be that he stole?” asked Cleo, he was finishing up the shoe now.

“The cards” said Frieda.

“You just let him take them?” asked Cleo in a rude voice.

“No, I sort of left them and walked away for a minute or two and then they were gone” said Frieda, the pout she had this time was real.

“How many times were you warned to never leave them unattended?” asked Cleo, the irritation was rising in his voice, he threw down his hammer there was a loud clang.

“I know, I'm sorry” said Frieda, she was very upset with herself.

“Well, we'd better go get them back before something bad happens” said Cleo, he sighed. He started packing up his tools, he wouldn't get to use them again today, there were cards to get and lives to save.

The End

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