Friday Night HeightsMature

“Tracy!” Her mother screamed from the basement. “Tracy!”

“What?” Tracy screamed back as she packed up her back pack for the weekend at her father’s house.

“Tracy!” Her mother screamed again.

“What, mom?” Tracy screamed as she took a few large steps toward the open basement door.

“Are you leaving?” Her mother asked, still screaming. Tracy could hear the TV running, the laundry going and her mother cleaning.

“Of course, mom,” Tracy screamed back and then walked toward the door, slipping into a pair of shoes before grabbing her jacket. “Bye, mom!” Tracy screamed again before leaving.

“Tracy!” Her mother screamed, but Tracy was gone.


“So who’s going to be there?” Stephanie’s mother asked, pressuring her daughter as she stood in the bedroom’s doorway.

“Everyone who’s always there,” Stephanie said as she looked in between everything in every drawer that she had.

“Who is that?” Her mother asked, as if she didn’t ask this question every Friday night before Stephanie went away.

“The same people that I’ve been hanging out with since freshman year,” Stephanie said as she grabbed a pair of underwear from the drawers and stuffed it in her purse with her mother noticing.

“Well, how am I supposed to know who that is?”

“By asking me every single week when I go out to meet them,” Stephanie said as she stood up straight and tall in front of the mirror on her dresser and applied some lip gloss.

“Well, you go out so often, I need to keep track of this.”

“I go out so often? Keep the writing styles for your novels, mom,” Stephanie said and gave her mother one side look before Georgina Withers, the New York Times favorite adult author, left. Rolling her eyes, Stephanie bent down and opened up her drawers again to replace the underwear with something better, and to stack up on the spare condoms and the pack of Marlboro she has stocked up in there, and then at the bottom of it, she fished out a bottle of liquor and took a swig before hiding it in her purse so her mother wouldn’t see.

“I’ll be out,” Stephanie said as she walked out of her bedroom and down the stairs.

“Who’s giving you a ride?” Her mother asked, all pissy again.

“I’m giving myself a ride,” Stephanie said as she turned around on the stairs. “I’m seventeen, I have a car and a license now. We don’t ride around in carriages and have horses guide us everywhere,” Stephanie says and turns around to walk down the stairs. “Like in your days,” she adds to herself.


“When is that popcorn going to be ready?” A little boy whined to his older sister who was on the other side of the door; in the kitchen, making the popcorn.

“In a second, Shane!” Jessie yelled back and then returned to the phone that was on her hitched up shoulder, pinned to her ear. “I told you, I can’t go, I have to babysit tonight,” she said as she continued to make the popcorn from the pan.

“But can’t Shay and Shane just come along with us?” Katie asked.

“Yeah, because I want to deal with them and you guys. Helloooo, you’re going to have enough drama for one night.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Katie, the drama queen, asked.

“Okay, well, let’s see….. Annie is in love with Tracy, and Tracy is all the way straight and they’ve been best friends since the dark ages, and now Tracy is all depressed and moody because what’s his name is a douche bag and is dating some whore.”

“I think his name is Logan…… Yeah, it’s Logan.”

“Doesn’t matter, because I’m not going,” Jessie said and then hung up the phone one second only to get yelled at in another.

“Jessie! What’s going on with our pizza?”


Musing with her lip stick, the car behind her started to honk louder and louder.

“Jesus Christ,” Jenna said to herself and then looked up to see the green arrow and made the turn, where the car behind them followed.

“Maybe you should pay more attention to the road rather than to your make up,” Jenna’s older brother, Kevin told her.

“Maybe you should shut the hell up, because, guess what? I’m the one with the driver’s license now, older brother.”

Kevin just stared out the window, wishing for this night to end.

“We picking up Dre and Warren?” Jenna asked, her eyes on the road as she thought of her small car filled with big boys.

“Yeah,” Kevin said, dreading every moment of it. This wasn’t his night, it was all of his worst fears coming true – first, he was going back to a high school football game, where sure enough his ex-girlfriend would be, and then he had to be chauffeured around by his kid sister, and now his friends had to be a witness to that.

“Cool, because Tracy and Annie are going to meet us there.”

“Aren’t those two lesbians for each other?” Kevin asked, hoping that someone was lesbian for another in his little sister’s tight group of friends.

“No, Annie’s lesbian for Trey, and Trey’s as straight as….. As something straight. Fuck off, O.B.”

Kevin seethed at his nick name.


Annie was waiting outside Tracy’s townhouse, and she saw her coming. Annie’s breath always stopped whenever she saw Tracy, she just couldn’t believe her eyes. Tracy was beautiful to her, probably the most beautiful, most idiotic person she’s ever known in her life. Who in their right mind dates guys?

Annie took out her little compact mirror to check her make up as Tracy opened the door and took the passenger seat.

“Hey,” Tracy said quickly, and then added – “Are the guys meeting us there?”

Tracy would always mention guys around Annie now.

Pushing her irrationalities behind her, Annie took the car out of park and started to drive off.

“Yeah, I think Chris had to work or a party or something tonight, but Brian, Miguel, Javi and Maaz are all gonna be there. Maaz with his new girl, too.”

“What’s that? The third this week?”

“Yeah, he’s almost as bad as Jeff,” Annie said, referring to Tracy’s older brother.

“Yeah, he’s actually engaged now,” Tracy says, and goes on. “Her name is Zoey, and she’s like a psychiatrics’ aide or something.”

“Oh….. Cool.”


The night was starting off right, Kristen was there with her boyfriend, Louis, and their friend new friend Chrystal, a new girl in school who talked a lot but was cool because she had weed on her all the time, so Kristen and Louis were under the bleachers with other people, all of them getting high as Chrystal went on and off about her boyfriend was on the football team and how she knew nothing about football except that it’s a gay sport, and all Kristen was thinking was that this was some good shit and damn….. black girls are annoying.


Stephanie was just standing there, talking to some people on year book, and then in came Jenna with her older brother and his friends trailing behind her, and Stephanie took one look in their direction, and departed from her friends to give Jenna a welcoming hug.

“Aww, don’t you look good tonight,” Jenna said as she gave Stephanie a hug too. Jenna was always saying stuff, about how people always looked good and especially Stephanie, because they were best friends.

“Yeah, you too,” Stephanie said as she watched Kevin walk on by, not even bothering to look at her, but his other two friends did.

“Fuck him,” Jenna whispered in her ear, standing close to her. “My brother is the world’s biggest douche bag.”

“I guess I just have a thing for the idiots of this world then,” Stephanie sighed, but Jenna took hold of Stephanie’s hand and started to walk under the bleachers.

“What? A Facebook quiz tell you that?”

A successful laugh came from Stephanie’s lips before she spoke.


Then they both laughed, and then they saw Kristen there, with Louis and the other chick, who was already with another guy, half naked with him on top of her.

“Ooh,” Jenna said, taking her seat next to Louis. “Isn’t that nice,” she added as she was handed the joint and smoked. “That’s better,” she said and then handed it to Stephanie. “Much better,” she said again as she let her head fall back and her eyes close.

“Everything okay with her?” Kristen asked.

“Yup,” Stephanie said, as she smoked not once, but twice, before handing it back to Louis.

The night was starting off right, because Tracy and Annie, still best friends were hanging out with Javi and Miguel by the concession stand, just talking and talking and laughing about stuff and mocking the people who would walk past and give them looks.

It was looking good, but underneath, nothing was. Annie was aching and aching for Tracy to just touch her hand or to look at her as more than a friend, and her mind couldn’t stop thinking about wrapping her arm around her friend’s waist and kissing her……. Just kissing her.

Things weren’t right in Javi’s mind either.

Javi knew that Tracy was his best friend, and that he could tell her anything, and that Tracy was like some hermaphidite brother – sister science lab experiment, and he knew that she could keep a secret, but he also knew where her loyalty lies. Maaz was his best friend, his womanizing, cocky asshole of a friend, but a friend none the less, but Maaz was no good with keeping secrets. He never was.

Javi’s mind was somewhere else, somewhere in the clouds, and he couldn’t quite concentrate on what they were talking about, or where his feet were, either.

Miguel was different, he knew where his feet were, he felt them planted on the ground, and could feel their weight as he stared straight ahead, his eyes never wavering off her beautiful smile and the sound of her laughter. Her long, silky black hair was down and brushed straight tonight, and she was looking cute in a tight red top and her skinny jeans. Miguel wasn’t thinking of anything, except where this night was going, and how he was getting there.

“Damn,” Tracy muttered under her breath, and that caught everybody’s attention. Miguel still wasn’t looking anywhere else except where his girl was, but Annie knew where Tracy was concerned, and Javi just looked confused and cute.

“What?” Javi asked, nudging her arm in that cute brotherly way of his.

“Nothing – it’s nothing – it’s just –“

“Logan,” Annie said, and Javi turned around and saw the asshole hanging out with his preppy yearbook friends, his camera hanging down from his neck.

“Fuck him,” Javi said, not giving it a second thought.

“That’s what she can’t do,” Annie said, and got a dirty look from Tracy. “What? It’s what came out,” she said in her defense. She couldn’t help it if she had a dirty mind.

“What came out?” Miguel asked, his own pervertedness just becoming apart of the conversation.

“Peanut butter,” Tracy said, looking away as she nibbled at the end of her sleeves.

“That’s disgusting,” Miguel said, and looked back up to where his girl was, but now she was walking away, so he turned to his friends. “I’d prefer M&M’s.”

“Oh, really, is that what Alice likes?” Javi asked, and a huge smirk crawled up on her lips.

“Who’s Alice?” Annie asked, taking the bait.

“Alice is the new girl, she’s a junior and Miguel has been staring at her all night.”

“Not all night,” Miguel said, still looking around above Tracy and Annie’s head, looking for her.

“No, just the past half hour or so.”

“We haven’t been here for a half hour,” Tracy said in between her nibbling of her sleeve.

“Almost,” Annie said, looking at her watch and then up at Tracy who’s eyes became wide. “What?”

“Shit, I didn’t think – Fuck. Shit – we need to go get high.”

“Since when do you have weed?” Miguel asked, sounding a little pissed now.

“Since we got here, Kristen is here under the bleachers, we were supposed to meet them. I didn’t know we where here for that long,” Tracy said and started walking under the bleachers, but her eyes kept looking back at Logan, who looked back, making Tracy feel weird and turn away, grab Annie’s hand and keep on walking.

“Weed is exactly what we need,” Annie said, clutching onto Tracy’s hand and walking in step with her friend. Tracy looked over at her friend, and knowing that that was all she needed, she held on tighter and wrapped their arms together.


Jessie felt like shooting someone, and she could. She knew where her Step Dad kept his handgun, as well as his revolver, machine pistol, Jericho 941 F and his favorite, M1911 pistol. It was all to her knowledge.

But then the doorbell knocked, and she made her way through the battlefield of the popcorn fight to get to the front door, and she couldn’t have been have luckier.

“Oh, thank God you’re here,” she said, grabbing Chris by the wrist and pulling him inside. Chris and Jessica couldn’t look more different. Chris was of medium height, about five foot eleven or something, with light blonde – almost white hair, pale skin and dark green eyes. He looked much older than sixteen with his adorable but mature baby doll face. Jessica was the opposite, she was five foot seven, and not as thin as Chris, she looked much more like a man than him, and still had her tan from the summer and her straight, dark brown hair.

“It’s no problem,” Chris said, and handed the pizza box to Jessie. “I don’t mind.”

Chris did mind.

Chris hated his job with a passion, because it was bad enough that he was working for his father and even worse that more than half the freaking time he was delivering pizza’s to people around his age, who knew him, and who he knew. He didn’t like delivering pizza to his friends either, because it always made him feel…… younger. Like they were superior to him.

It didn’t help that it was Jessica.

“Okay, thank you,” Jessie breathed as she took the money out of her wallet and gave her friend a five dollar tip. “Do you want to stay?” She asked, hoping for a yes.

“Uh, I can’t – I have more delieveries to take,” he said.

“Oh, okay, I was just wondering because – well, because the little devils look up to you like you’re Satan himself.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” Chris said as he stuffed his hands into his pocket and headed for the door.

“Wait!” Jessica said, her mind was frazzled now as she set the pizza down on the ground and gave Chris a quick hug before he had to leave. “It’s been forever since we’ve seen each other,” she said, but Chris was just awkward, and standing there still. He didn’t know what to do, and after a while, he laid one hand on the small of her back, and then she took a step back and the hug was done.

“We should hang out, like – tonight, or something.”

“You want my help to get them to bed?” Chris asked, he knew her too well. He knew her wayyy too well.

“If you don’t mind,” Jessica breathed, and then a crash came from the other room, and she flinched, her eyes closed. “I really – I’ve lost my mind.”

Chris, just wanting to get out of there, took a step closer to her and kissed her forehead.

“That’ll never happen,” he promised, touching her hand for a quick second.

When Jessica opened her eyes, he was gone.


Jenna was all but passed out, just lying on her back with her head tiled to the right as she listened to Miguel tell her about some party that was going on tonight, who was going to be there, what was going to be going on and there, and, at the end, asking for a ride from her.

“Dude, do you know that I’m stoned out of my mind?” Jenna asked, her head moving so she was staring ahead, up at the people who were actually paying attention to the football game.

Stephanie was just sitting by herself, her knees huddled up together so her chin had a place to rest as Tracy and Javi sat next to her, talking about some shit as they started to smoke, but Stephanie wasn’t paying attention to them, she was watching Annie, who had taken the clear bottle of liquor Stephanie had brought and gulped down the rest of it in, like, five seconds.

Annie looked out of it, and Stephanie knew she was buzzed, but then this rude guy who was lying next to her started to rub his hand on her leg, and then he raised his head and started to kiss her stomach, so Annie pushed him away.

She had enough dick for a lifetime, and wasn’t ever going to return back to it.

“Come on,” he said, pleading with her, as his hands started to poke at her sides, she was sure he probably meant to fondle her, but he was so sloshed he couldn’t even get into Jenna’s pants if he tried.

“Fuck off,” Annie said, pushing his hands away.

“Aww, don’t be like that,” he said, his head in her lap now as he looked up at her with his big brown eyes.

“Fuck off, retard,” Annie said, and scooted away from him, but he just grabbed onto her ankle, and bit it. “Fuck!” Annie screamed. “You fucking retard! Get the fuck away from me you fucking cock!”

“She likes the pussy, man!” Some asshole yelled from behind them, and Annie shuddered at what would happen next.

“Awww, I’ll fix that –“ He said as he climbed on top of her, but Annie squirmed to get out from under him, but he was too heavy and his weight was everything. “Don’t be like this, babe, you just haven’t been with me, yet,” and his mouth leaned into her neck, as if to seduce her, but Annie took that as the golden opportunity and kneeled him in the balls, and that just made him roll over in pain, and Annie tried her best to get up and get away, but she was too buzzed to stand up straight, and she ended up falling right back down again.

“That’s no way to treat me, you fucking bitch,” the drunk said as he tried to grab for her again, but Javi was there this time, grabbing him from the front of his shirt, and pulled him up to his feet. He couldn’t stand up straight either, and Annie thought that about the rest of him, and came to the conclusion that men became fucking assholes when their dick couldn’t get up for a fucking lesbian.

“That’s no way to treat a fucking lady, lush,” Javi said and gave the guy a good push. “Get the fuck out of here,” and he turned away from him. Annie was shaking and in her own little corner now, and Tracy was already by her side, holding her friend tight, promising to never let her go again. Stephanie just stood behind Javi, kind of in a daze, telling herself over and over again that this was not happening.

“Fuck with me, I’ll fuck right back,” the drunk said again, slurring his words and falling on his face as he tried to come at Javi.

Stephanie just looked at him with utter loathing. No pity there.

“Get the fuck out of here,” she said slowly to him, and all he saw of her was an upside down blur of white, brown and pink.

“Yeah, man, let’s get out of here,” said one of his friends as he stood away from the scene, and then another one of his friends helped him up, letting his drunk friend lean against his body for support before he tossed him to another one of the guys.

“Sorry about that,” the guy said.

Stephanie still wasn’t fully here, her mind still dazed and too fucked up to take anything in, so she just watched as his friends took him away.

“I’m Chase, that was – that was my friend Greg.”


“I’m sorry about him,” Chase said again. “He can become a real fucking pig – well, he’s just always like that. I’m sorry, I should have kept him away – stayed home with him or something.”

“You his boyfriend, then?” Stephanie asked with full cynicism as she took a seat on the ground. She felt dizzy now.

“What – no, no. No,” Chase said, taking his own place right next to Stephanie. “I’m just his friend – not even his friend. I’m friends with his step brother and – and I’m sorry,” Stephanie still didn’t look at him, even though Chase’s dark blue eyes were peering at her from the side. “You want me to leave you alone?”

“Yes,” Stephanie said, and then Chase started to move. “No.” She said quickly and then she changed her mind again. “Yes,” she said with a breath. “I want to be alone,” and so he left, giving her what she wished. “I wanted to be left alone,” she said again, as if trying to persuade herself this is the truth.


Kristen needed space to breath, because it was getting crowded under the bleachers, so she decided to take it upon herself to go look for her boyfriend, Louis. He had left earlier to get something to eat and drink, and Kristen had thought that he had got stuck in concession stand lines, which was a pain and a bitch…. Until Kristen saw where he really was.

Kristen never thought much of herself in the….. In the looks department. She was skinny, of average height, and was just….. Plain looking and pretty, like any other girl, really, but she never thought she had anything to worry about with Louis. The whole reason she was with him was because all of her friends hated him.

That was true, because Katie despised Louis.

Still, he made every single attempt to her.

“Come on, Kate,” Louis said, and Katie tried to walk away, but Louis just grabbed onto her wrist, causing her to stop and look back at him. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Look, Louis, I’m not – I’m not good friends with K,” and this was true, neither of them had anything ever to talk about, because Kristen was a partier, someone who dated a lot and had a lot of friends, when Katie just….. read books.

The ghetto and the nerd.

“But I’m not going to sleep with you. You’re disgusting,” and she turned to walk away, but Louis just strengthened his hold on her wrist, hurting her.

“Fuck you, bitch,” he hissed.

“I believe that’s what she said she wouldn’t do,” Kristen said, walking up on them, and Louis let go of Katie, making her trip and almost fall, but instead, Kristen took hold of her arm and they stood together, against Louis. “Get the fuck out of here,” Kristen said and turned to walk away.

“Baby –“

“She’s not your baby anymore, asshole,” Katie said, done with this night and done with men. She was thinking of just following Annie’s lead, and in her head she saw that they could be some deformed, odd couple.

“Stay –“ Louis started, but Kristen beat him to it.

“Away from me,” Kristen said, turning around to face him for a second, causing Katie to stop in her tracks to and stand sideways to look at them. “We’re done.”

And that was that, and they started walking back to under the bleachers, but Kristen didn’t want to go back there. It still felt too crowded.

“I don’t want to go back there, I think I’m gonna go watch the game with some friends, you want to come?” She asked, and Katie was surprised. She didn’t think Kristen liked her at all, and the truth is, Kristen didn’t.

“Nah, I’m good. I’m just gonna go get Stephanie and maybe go grab a milk shake or something,” she said, and Kristen just took as a sign of This Never Happened, I’m Still A Virgin And This Never Happened, and walked on.

“Alright,” she said and left.

Katie was just standing there, cold in her tunic and jeans.

She didn’t understand why this kept on happening to her.

Under the bleachers, Katie was too tall. She was five foot eight, and still growing. She felt like a freak as she crawled, feeling dirty as she did it. This night just wasn’t going right for her, first of all, her older sister Melissa took all of the money she had because there wasn’t enough money for gas, and once she got here, things got worse, some idiot spilled a coke down her yellow shirt, so there was  a huge old stain on it now, all she had to put over it was the black hoodie she was now wearing, and now her jeans were getting dirty.

“Stephanie?” She asked, but didn’t hear or see anyone, but now the bleachers were up higher, and she didn’t have to crawl, so she stood up straight and started to walk with it. It was dark under here, and scary….. It wasn’t her element. Her element was with nerdy, bookworms of people, not with her older sister Melissa, or with Stephanie and Jenna with their party going ways, it was with Jessie, babysitting her little twin brothers and then spending the night while watching Charmed or something.

But she comes to the football games, every Friday night, if nothing but to see her other party going friend Gino play, and to hang out with the people that she fit with, like Courtney, who is pretty  cool, but busy being a cheer leader – pom pom like thing.

A little too much pep for her.

“Stephanie?” She called out again, and she saw some movement, so she kept on going. “Stephanie?” She called out again, and no movement so she just kept still, and there was silence for a long time, and then a burst of music started playing, but as abruptly as it came, it went. A lot of hushed whisper after that, and a drunk and high Steph fell down on her back, laughing her ass off with her jacket around her arms. “Stephanie,” Katie said with a sigh.


She wasn’t facing him, she had her back to him and was talking to her friends, two other girls that had the same black hair, one cut short and raggedy, and the other one that looked like she was just trying to be ghetto and get with the other two black guys who they were hanging with.

Miguel knew that if Katie was here, she’d call him a creeper.

“Hey,” he whispered into her ear, his hand on the small of her back, and she felt her jump in her skin and then he saw her turn her head and smile at him.

“Hey,” she said in her soft, sweet voice. “Guys, this is Miguel. Miguel, this is Monique, Yolanda, Darius and Blue.”

“Cool,” Miguel said, looking over at the guy named Blue who was wearing yellow.

“You want a smoke, man?” Darius asked, holding out the joint, and Miguel looked at Alice.

“Go ahead, I didn’t smoke.”

Silently, Miguel took the joint from his outreached hand and breathed it in.

“Dude, I wish my grades would smoke weed and get high,” the girl Yolanda said.

“What you steal that off FB?” Monique asked, her voice surprisingly deeper than Miguel imagined.

“What the fuck?” Yolanda asked, sounding a little pissed off now.

“It’s okay, girl, we all know  you got no life,” Darius said, taking the joint back and laughing as he inhaled it once more.

“Bitch, I got more of a life than you will ever have,” she said, taking a step towards them, but her voice just aimed higher, as if she was nervous or something.

Jeez, just cause you named black doesn’t mean you have to act it….. Especially when you white inside.

“Ha ha man, you funny,” Darius said, holding the joint out to Blue, who was silent still.

Shit? I say that out loud?

“You’re saying it right now,” Alice told him, looking up at him with those kind eyes of hers, making his arm wrap itself around her thin waist.

“Fuck, then,” Miguel whispered to himself under his breath.

“Did you just say ‘fuck them’?” Monique asked, her expression confused, not so much sensitive, but Yolanda trusted her friend.

“’Fuck them’? Fuck you, motherfucker,” Yolanda said and then spat on the ground.

“That’s not what I said….”

“I think I heard you right, mother asshole fucker,” Yolanda said, drinking some more back wash from her liquor bottle.

“Uh, I think I know what I said.”

“Dude, don’t mess with these Puerto Rican bitches,” Darius said, taking the joint back from Monique’s grasp. “You know the ladies are,” he said, as if calling them ladies would improve the situation.

“Mother –“

“You want to get out of here?” Miguel asked Alice, who nodded eagerly and clutched tightly onto the strap of her purse and they left their friends in mid – fight, and Miguel was sure that Yolanda could get beaten to death by all three of them, even if they stoned, and he was hoping they would take her on. He found her annoying.

“You’re friends are…..” Miguel couldn’t find a word to describe them.

“Yeah, well not all of us can have awesome people to hang out like you,” Alice said, still walking in sync with him.

“My friends aren’t all that awesome…. They’re pretty shitty actually, just….. Just don’t tell them I said that, especially Stephanie. She’d kill me.”

“I wasn’t talking about them,” Alice said and then stepped in front of him and stood up on her tip toes to kiss him on his lower lip, before he brought her in for the real thing.

Miguel wasn’t even aware of Annie watching him from the parking lot, where she was leaning against Katie’s car, the silly little thing, it was old and used from the nineties and was a stupid brown color. Not at all attractive. Not at all like Katie.

Annie was just watching them, thinking about how lucky Miguel was to get a girl like Alice, because Alice was cool, Annie could tell that, and Annie was a known bitch around school.

Pissed at the thought, she flicked the cigarette away and watched it skip on the ground before falling underneath the other car.

“Come on, Stephanie, just – just get into the car without any trouble, please?” Katie persuaded, but Stephanie was drunk and all of her arms and legs were flailing about in different directions as Katie tried to pull her into the car from the other side, and as Tracy was on the other end, dealing with keeping her legs straight. Jenna was just dazed, and was in the front seat, taking pictures she would regret the next day and sending them to random people.

Annie opened her cell phone and saw one of them, smirked to herself before walking around the front of the car to where Jenna was sitting.

“No, no, Stephanie, not there -  not the head. Oh…. Why’d you hurt your head?”

“I didn’t mean to….”

“I know you didn’t mean to….”

“Don’t be mad at me, bitch.”

Classic Stephanie.

It wasn’t hard to pry the phone from Jenna’s fingers, and in doing so, Annie deleted all of the said pictures and took out the battery, only to put in Jenna’s purse. The girl was too wasted/high to even notice. Annie noticed the glass over Jenna’s eyes, and saw how tired she was – that was Jenna, for some reason she always got tired, tipsy, kind of slap happy whenever she was high. She never spoke much - the complete and utter opposite of Stephanie.

That was friends for you.

“Don’t take anymore pictures, tonight, Jen,” Annie said and kissed her friend’s forehead. “Even if they ask you to,” and with that, she gave Jen a quick, awkward, haphazard hug before she left and walked around the car. Now Tracy was shutting the door wand Katie was getting into the driver’s seat. “So…. What’s up for the rest of our night?” Annie asked.

“I don’t know….. We can try to find a party or something,” which was all Tracy could come up with. “Think Javi or Miguel might know something?”

“I think we’ll have better luck with Maaz or Chris,” Annie said, dreading it as she finished the sentence.

“Oh great, we’ll find ourselves at an orgie without our panties in the morning…… Sounds like fun.”

“Sounds like I better ask some of my lesbian friends to be there.”

“Yeah, don’t want to be cured with the cock….. Again, because that would happen twice in one night to you…..”

“Can’t help it if I’m special,” Annie said and then took out another cigarette, and Tracy took it upon herself to reach into the box and take one out for herself. Annie lit both of them.

The End

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