Three Months.

'My death?' Erica asked in a voice that shook a little.


'So, how are you going to prove to me that your not a insane person?' She enquired, standing up straight.

'You can feel that I'm real. In your bones, in your mind. I make you feel cold and hopeless.' Camio told her.

'That's not good enough, I'm afraid.' Erica glared at Camio, flicking her hair away from her face.

'Then I'll do this.' The death god smirked, spreading out his hands in front of him.

A loud whooshing noise filled Erica's ears and she felt like she was drowning. She tried to calm herself down, but the ice-like air that slipped own her throat made her gag.

'Let. ...Let me. . .let me go!' Erica spluttered, clawing at her neck, 'I believe you. . .believe you. . .'

'Thank you very much, Erica.' Camio smiled coldly, letting his hands fall back to his sides. Erica could suddenly breathe and she was gasping in the clean, pure air gratefully. She sat on the floor panting, taking in short, quick breaths.

'My actual reason for coming here is this: you, Erica Folly, have exactly three months to live.' He stated, not a glimmer of remorse in his scarlet eyes.

'Three months?' Erica repeated, her voice returning to it's monosyllabic state.

'Yes. Now I bid you good day.' Camio bowed and disappeared in a bundle of red feathers.

'Three months?'Erica echoed her own voice again, wondering why she couldn't bring herself to say it was all a dream. And why was  that? Because this was real. Whatever had just happened was real. 

She stood up. Her eyes were blank and glassy, she looked like she'd just died there and then. Her skin even more pale than it usually was, she swayed a little as she tried to stay upright. Erica leaned back against a tree, her head was  pounding and a sick feeling was brewing in the bottom of her stomach.

I don't think I'll be going into school today. . . Erica though, she felt very queasy. 

Erica walked all the way back home with the exact same expression on her face, it seemed the only things on her body that were moving were her legs. Her fingers shook as she opened the door, her fingers shook as she opened her bedroom door, her fingers shook as she changed back into her casual wear. In fact, her fingers never stopped shaking. They showed the only signs of her being scared.

'I wonder how I'm going to die.' Erica thought out loud. Sitting down on the sofa and turning on the television. 

'That's not a nice thought.' A voice said from behind her, she jumped and turned around, her eyes wide with fear in case it was that god of death. But no, it was Lochlan.

'A god of death called Camio visited me on my way to school and told me I had three months to live. So I came back home because I didn't feel like going to school.' Erica said in a flat voice before turning her attention back to the TV.

She didn't see Lochlan's expression of fury and sadness behind her. 

'Stop lying. That was a rubbish joke, you could have at least come up with a decent excuse not to go into school.' Lochlan grunted, sitting on the sofa next to her.

'Who said I was making it up? But I don't feel quite well enough to go into school today anyway.' She mumbled, stifling a yawn.

'Fine, it's not like it'll make you any dumber. Your too clever for you own good.' Lochlan sighed, sinking into the cushiony depths of the sofa.

'I guess so.' Erica said, uninterested. Her eyes were focused on the television, watching the cartoon's movements, her ears taking in the sounds. But her mind was in a far away place, wondering what the hell was going on.

The End

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