Erica is visited by a God of Death, Camio, and is told she only has three months to live. Is there a way to escape her fate? And why is she going to die? The answer lies within her friends, Henry and Karin, and her brother Lochlan. Will she ever uncover the mystery of her life?!

Erica sat at the table, chewing on her toast. She had stayed up late last night and was feeling groggy and tired.

Lochlan, her bother, clicked his fingers in front of her face, making her jump. She looked up, glaring at the blonde haired boy.

'What was that for?'

'You looked like you were about to fall asleep. Your already late.' He smiled, it was a smile that showed he knew just how late she was.

'Lochlan... what time is it?'

'Time you got a watch.' He snickered.

'How late am I?' She asked, her monosyllabic voice not changing in tone.

'A few hours. That’s all.' Lochlan grinned evilly, cracking his knuckled.

'Hmm. Not too late then.' Erica mumbled, taking another bite of toast.

'You serious? You've missed the test you stayed up all night studying for.' He frowned, pulling out a chair, 'well, I'm off after breakfast, make sure you get to school.'

'If mum and dad were here, they'd blow their tops off.' Erica smiled coldly.

'I guess so. But Erica, didn't you listen? Jesus, you never do.' He sighed, then explained, 'they're away for half a year in Egypt.'

'You say it as if I had no idea at all.'

'You mean you actually listened?'

'Yes. I did. I always listen, Lochlan.' Erica sighed, scooting her chair backwards, 'I'm going to get dressed.'

'You do that.'

'I will.' She said, walking out of the room without another word.

Erica had grown up to be a rather cool girl, at the age of fourteen, she was already a genius. Her piercing pale blue eyes, and long white hair gave an air of grace around her.  Some people even went as far to call her "the Ice Princess".

As she slowly pulled on her school uniform, she heard her bother slam the door behind him. Lochlan wasn't her really brother, he was adopted into the family when Erica was six and Lochlan was eight.  Even though they share no blood ties, Erica has a incredibly close bond with him, and he is her most trusted person.

Erica is one of those people others steer clear of because she's blunt and tells the truth all the time. It's not exactly her fault, she's just one of those people who doesn't scolialise too much. Her parents often left the house for a month or so to go travel. They were scentists and had to leave England to go to a far away place. This has made Erica create a so called barrier which closed her off from others.

But then Lochlan came, he was her "knight" in a sense. The big brother who came and saved the little princess from falling into a emotionless pit. Ever since then, Erica only held a real conversation with Lochlan.

Tick, tick, tick, tick.

The noise of the clock rang in her ears as she pulled on her school socks. Her eyes scanned the room, searching for her shoes, they focused on the pair of shiny, black patent leather school shoes. Sighing, she shuffled forward and shoved them on.

She hopped down the stairs like a little kid, grabbing her bag on the way out of the house. She had to walk a good ten minutes before she got to school. She closed the gate behind her and walked down the lane.

If I cut through the park, I'll get there earlier. The thought, pondering whether she wanted to get there extra late or just plain late.

Erica shrugged and took a left towards the park, jumping over the low fence. The park was empty, as it usually was at this time of day.


A hushed, rough voice hissed out her name. She stopped, pausing to look around before counting to down to be her imagination.


This time, she had a good look around. It really wasn't just her, someone was calling her name. But who was it? She narrowed her eyes.

'Who is it?' She asked, her voice sturdy and flat. Her anxiety not showing through.

There was a loud buzzing noise, Erica covered her ears, flinching. Her eyes widened in suprise as she took in the peculiar-looking figure in front of her.

It was a young man, around the age of eighteen with long black hair and a full fringe, it draped over his crimson eyes like curtains. He was clad in black, with the exception of his shirt, which was the same shade of red as his eyes. A huge overcoat, skinny trousers and large boots which surely had some sort of stud  or spike lurking underneath them.

'Erica.' He said clearly addressing her.

'Who are you?'

'Me? I am Camio of the underworld. I. a god of death. ‘He said with a hint of a cold smile, his eyes were steely and his jaw set in a hard line.

'I am ever so sorry, I not appreciate pranks.' Erica said in a exasperated voice, and she started to walk off.

'I wont let you go so easily, I am the bringer of your death and I am here to inform you of how long you have to live.'

Erica's head snapped up, her stomach felt cold and a lump started to rise in her throat.

The End

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