In the morning I did the usual wash, eat and drink but after that I had time to dwell on the nights event and it seemed so odd to me I was not much of a dreamer the odd one and never any as real as that. Defiantly not one that followed me when I was awake, then at that moment of my thoughts I saw something yet again in my peripheral vision and again it was like a white shadow passing by the kitchen door, this made me confused and slightly curious so I went in the direction it seemed to go but yet again found nothing there, no mist, no person, no nothing.

After the second incident with mist I started dusting, a very dusty place was Loxley manor and full of bric-a-brac consisting of crystals and ornaments. Out of nowhere I heard my name, it was a quiet whisper and so very chilling I swung round to face whoever may be there and was faced by a girl in a long nightie with long flowing blonde hair and white shining eyes it was terrifying yet I could not move or scream she spoke again;

“Freya, don’t fear me I am hear to help you” in a ghostly voice where every word is drawn out and softly spoken.

“W-w-what do you want?” I had suddenly developed a stutter with the fear and anxiety I was feeling.

“Follow me Freya”                   

you may think it stupid and that I should of ran out of that house never to return but I was so drawn to this being so mystified and curious that I had to follow her like she asked I felt like I had to. Following this mist (apparition if you like) and I followed her up the main stairs down the hallway to a room that I had not yet looked at (there was a lot of rooms I have not peered at) and she went through the door, like literally the door was closed and she walked through the closed door I tried to open the door but it was locked, so I had to go all the way back downstairs and get my keys. Once back up to the door I unlocked it and when it opened a rush of stale air hit me like a slap in the face, it made me stumble backwards and choke on the stale odour. Once over the metaphorical bitch slap from the stale air I entered the room and the apparition was sat on a chair waiting the room was filled with strange signs and most disturbingly of all a “devils trap” painted in black on the ceiling and floor (a devils trap is a five pointed star in a circle with symbols painted within, it is believed to trap demons and bad spirits within as they can enter but can not leave unless the circle line is broken). I went over to the apparition stepping around the devils trap and sat at its feet, well actually there were no feet just wispy mist. I plucked up the courage to talk to her.

“What’s your name?” I asked

“Mary” again in her ghostly voice that came from all over the room scary if she did not look so innocent and frightened?

“Did you live here, Mary?” I should have known the answer it was obvious really.

“Yes, with my brother, mother and farther”

“How did you die Mary?”

“First follow me” she said with a smile on her face she was a young girl all giggly and high spirited.

I followed her out of the room and towards another door the one that led to the attic, we headed up the winding stairs and into the massive attic. There were hordes of old stuff up there loads and there was one painting Mary was pointing at and when I went for closer inspection I saw that it was a painting of me but it wasn’t it was of another girl called Freya, Mary informed me and she was forced to marry the original owner of Loxley manor Joseph Loxley. He locked her in a secret room never to be seen again some say she went mad some say she had a deformed baby due to the gossip of the Loxley family being not entirely human they talked of strange creatures that the Loxley’s were believed to be some said they were werewolves and some said vampires but nobody new for sure. Freya herself was shunned and marked a witch due to her beliefs and talent for making healing brews from natural ingredients from the surrounding woodland. I looked around and saw many books you may say encyclopaedias on Faerefolkis  and demons referring to their strengths weaknesses how to kill them or catch them, enslave them or free them there was a whole load of stuff to each one, giving anyone who had these books the power to control them if they were real which I did not believe at the time I thought they were bed times stories of some sort. Mary explained I was to use them that I was here to save them all, she took me to the gallery and pointed at the stained glass window (which until now I had not really took any notice of what it depicted) I was me in modern clothes and I was fighting demon like things and protecting fairies and angelic looking creatures. I was stunned into silence not realising that Mary had left and my dear friend Faith had entered the house, that was when Faith appeared next to me and touched my shoulder making me jump.

The End

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