First NightMature

That night was the first of my strange dreams, I was seeing through my eyes and I was floating not flying but floating through the woods to this circle clearing surrounded by mystical creatures and fairies it was so calm and like a proper fairytale, then it all wet dark and all the creatures ran away and these grotesque creatures all deformed and hideous came out in shadows at first then materialised into monsters of the night creeping, crawling and slithering up to me, surrounding me and covering me with there darkness the smell so rotten in my nose it was so real and when they almost covered me completely I woke up with a start in a clamour all covered in perspiration and very cold I could see my breath. Suddenly in the corner of my eye I saw a figure go past the doorway which I was certain I had closed earlier on before I turned in for the night. I know that when you see something that is strange and could be harmful in the movies you shout “Don’t follow it” and all that but it is what you do, anyway I put on my slippers and dressing gown and headed to my bedroom door I had a mini torch as well because apparently the power here decides if it wants to go off. So I turned on the mini torch and shone it through the door into the hallway and peeked round the door, and whatever I saw was gone because there was nothing there and I checked down the hallway and out onto the gallery and nothing there at all so I rationalized it was my imagination an effect from my disturbed sleep and with that back to bed and an undisturbed sleep.

The End

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