Moveing InMature

I can not sleep I am too excited I can not wait for mum and dad to see the house I am going to through a moving in party as well and all that once I am settled I have planned it all during the night. I am going to be running on borrowed time today but oh well. When I finally finished dressing and making myself look less scary because without my make up I look a mess, well that what I think anyway. mum and dad were downstairs having a cup of tea and bless her soul my mum had made me one and it was sitting ready for me as always she always listened out for me moving and timed it perfectly to be ready made when I came downstairs. Once we were all awake from the tea we went to the car and made our way to Loxley manor a strange name yes but a lot of houses have strange names. Anyway we pulled up and all I heard from mum and dad was their gasp at the beauty of the place I think they must have thought me to be over exaggerating it but now they see that I was being honest and accurate with my description.

Mr Prichard was waiting at the front door for us with his big smile on which is always nice to see. He greeted me and I introduced him to mum and dad (Dabria and David Dalgliesh) they talked a bit over tea nothing exciting so I am going to skip that bit if you don’t mind which I am sure you won’t. Anyway after tea and biscuits we had a quick tour of the main rooms which included; the master bedroom, the guest room, living room, the library, kitchen, bathroom and lobby though there were more rooms but my poor old mum has bad arthritis and well she was quite tired towards the end. Mum and dad have agreed that it would be a good decision moving into the little manor house they seemed to be so pleased at the idea of me living in a beautiful house like that they know it has always been a dream of mine, I am a romantic and have always read all those fairy books and supernatural books even watch programmes like it too always been a interest of mine, I love folklore, myths and fairytales.

I, mum and dad went back to their house so I could pack my stuff and bring it down as quickly as possible I was eager to get myself acquainted to the house. I have informed all my friends and family of my new address and phone number they are all expecting me to have a house warming party once I am settled so I have that to plan, I am going to be real busy for the next couple of weeks. It did not take long to pack all my stuff into boxes cos I did not really have much any how I sold most of it after I had to leave my last place. Anyway we put it on the trailer and headed back up it is a good thing it is fully furnished, otherwise it would be very empty for a long time to come. When we got back there we placed the boxes in the main bedroom and unpacked mostly it was clothes a TV and my video games nothing much my room back at my parents house is not the biggest so I could only have a little but I am happy with it. Once that was sorted we went for a meal and I got some basic supplies for the fridge at my new home, not much discussed just what we could do with the house my parents were insisting that I redecorate bring it up to the present but I like it is like stepping into the past which I have always loved so I said no only a few repairs and that is all. Once I got home after my busy day I walked in the front door and heard a noise coming form the cupboard I went and checked there was nothing there so I assumed it was rats *must gets some traps* I thought to myself. I filled the fridge and freezer with my groceries and went for a shower, it was a refreshing feeling being in a new home and it was strange that I felt like I was really home I have never felt that before so strange.

The End

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