Mr PrichardMature

“Mr Prichard are you okay?” 

John snapped back to reality when Freya started waving a hand in front of his face, he had not realised how deep of a trance he had gone into he only hoped he was not out of it for too long she might think him strange and be put off from buying the house.

“Oh yes my dear sorry thinking of things needing doing back home (a lie of course, she can not know the truth of his thoughts) what was it you said?”

“I said I would love to rent this place from you and wondered when I could move in”

He could see the girl was keen this was a massive relief he could not wait to hand over the keys in fact “as soon as you like the place is fully furnished I had no need for the furnishings when I moved. I have the keys here take them the place is now yours” John said this with the most sincere smile though it was sincere for a different reason to what the girl thought he was just glad to be getting rid of it again for a little bit hope fully this girl would last longer than the others who tried to live here.

I thought this man a little weird but nothing to be worried about; he just seemed to go into himself a lot into his own thoughts must be a busy man. I took the keys from him and he gave me his mobile and home number for details of my moving in as I said to him I would love to move in right that minute but I had to sort out some stuff. With that I got a lift with Mr Prichard back to my car parked at the local church, well as local as you get in these parts I had walked a long time to get to the house. On the way to my car me and Mr Prichard talked getting to know each other he told me of his wife and his children all grown up now, I asked why not give the house to one of them but he said they had no interest in the place and that they preferred living in a town where everyone new everyone. He was telling me how he grew up in that wonderful manor and how he and his sister would play in the woods their imaginary games of adventure, he told me that his sister Mary died when she turned 16 from unknown causes just died in her sleep poor fellow after that his mother went mad and had to be taken away he and his farther moved from the house and its bad memories into his current house his farther refused to sell the house but when he died and left it to him he decided to rent it out to cover its expenses. When we got to my car we said are goodbyes Mr Prichard telling me that I can ring anytime at all with any queries of if I need a hand with moving of course I said thank you and waved him off.

My journey home was uneventful and dull I felt sad leaving the manor house but I had to inform my parents I was leaving, before you say anything yes I am living with my parents still but it is because I was kicked out of the place I was renting because my lease was up and they wanted to sell it so I had to go back to living with them. Anyhow I talked with my mum and dad they said they wanted to check out the place first and we arranged to go there the next day and have tea with Mr Prichard. Me and my parents talked for ages, well mostly me talking telling them of the house and the garden and the woods so beautiful so serene I think they are looking forward to visiting my hopefully new home.

The End

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