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I loved to doodle and take notes on what I see and do on my little wonders; I have always had a strong love for nature all its wonderful and sometime ominous elements to it. Suddenly bringing me out of my own head a Mitsubishi Shogun 4X4 pulled up (I always new what make cars where and models I grew up with 2 brothers and was more of a tomboy when younger) it was black a little dirty which is to be expected especially o n these country roads. Out of the 4X4 came a chubby man maybe in his late forties early fifties he had on jeans and a white shirt as it was a sunny day (for a change) he had his top three or four buttons undone, for a stoutly man he was very handsome in the face with his broad jaw line, chiselled cheek bones and perfect nose with those oh so pale blue eyes they were beautiful, all this was taken in as the man made his way over to her.

   John Prichard was surprised to see the beautiful young lady stood in front of his manor house as he made his way over to her he took in her appearance. She was young early twenties such pale supple looking skin her hair was died a black red and was long, she wore sensible clothes and shoes he expected her to be wearing heels and skirts like the young ones do nowadays so very impractical and distasteful they all looked like common whores to him.

“hello miss I am John Prichard” he said and as he did so he noticed the young girl’s Beautiful eyes there were not green yet they were not blue but they seemed to be changing and swapping all the time between the two colours only the specs of brown stayed the same, they were enchanting and oh so claming.

“Oh hello I am Freya Dalgliesh this your place?”

“Why yes it is” I hope this young lady is interested in this place I can not wait to be rid of its burden. “Now what is it you are doing here in the middle of no where?”

“Well actually I walked up from the back through the woods and I followed a path through them from the country road down the bottom”

“sorry miss you must be mistaken there are no paths in yonder woods I know lived here practically all my life I have ventured in those woods many a times since I was a lad” John noticed the pencil in hand and the jotter open in Freya’s hand also noticing that she had taken down the number for those interested in the property. “You interested in my old home young miss?”

 “Well actually yes I was it is so beautiful and enchanting how can you not inhabit it yourself?”

“well I am getting on in age a house this size is too much for me n’ me wife. Should be easier for someone like yourself young n’ fit it not too much to rent either if you were wondering on the price”

“Well that was the thing I do love this house but I don’t have much money to offer, I work as a Herbolist so my income is average at best”“ well we can offer you the place at £100 a Month” John would not let on but wanted to get rid of the wretched place he was not even slightly guilt ridden passing on it’s torment to this young woman. He had to get away from it and it’s starnge going ons the bumps in the night and during the day flying utensils and more, the horrible night visits from starnge and bewilderings creatures that terroized and invaded you he could not take it any more never could even when he was a child even though then they would not harm him they harmed his parents and his older sister oh dear Mary he missed her so. One of those dreadful night visits stole her away took her life essence from her and stole away with it there was no way he could stop it he was only a young lad afaid and yet he still felt the guilt like he should of stopped it from happening.

The End

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