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this is the first bit of a book i am working i would like your opinion on it please xxxxx

The latest of my dreams, that of a dream in a dream it starts like this;
I was trapped in a room with the door locked and window jarred, I looked out the window and across the street where there was only one window. When I looked at it I saw a naked man. He had muscular arms, but no other muscle to him, his eyes the darkest black you are able to imagine. They stared into your soul and tainted it with their evil intent. His penis stood to attention, in a state of excitement, and he looked at me, laughing his evil laugh. His eyes shone with reddish fire burning deep within, like the pits of hell were inside his corrupted soul. He started to pleasure himself while he still laughed and watched me writhe in disgust trying to escape his stare because suddenly I was tied to a chair in front of the window forced to watch the man as he molested himself. The gap between my window and his was getting shorter and unable to close my eyes I tried to turn my head but with no prevail. In a blink of an eye he was looming over me his swelled penis aimed straight at my face and just before he reached his finale I woke from my dream that was in my dream. I was back in bed and when I tried to move I was unable to, I managed to move my head to face upwards to my ceiling and then I saw a black mist coming down closer to me. I tried to move and break free of my immobilisation, I then after a short struggle filled with determination was able to move my arms, even though they were heavy and it was difficult I started waving my arms at the mist with this obviously not affecting its slow decline towards me and just before it swallowed me up I awoke with a jolt. In confusion I sat bolt upright and scanned the room to see if there was anyone or anything there but I was alone in my room so I turned on my TV and did not fall back asleep because even though there was nothing visible there I felt like I was being watched I could sense eyes on me .....

All these dreams must have a meaning must be a warning but of what? I went to see that psychic she said I must take notes on my dreams for they have the answers to my future to what is coming to me, after me! But who? What? When? Where? And why? All the questions needing answering yet no dream has the answer. I know that the man in my dream is a forewarning of what is coming for me that it is evil in intent and in its soul, I know that that is just a physical representation of the thing it is into a form I would understand. I know deep down inside in my soul that there is something coming and I know what it is I do but I can not bring it into my conscious mind no matter how hard I try to think, meditate or even hypnotise it out, I have been to see so many psychics and hypnotherapies and nothing comes out only “listen to your dreams they hold the key” like what good is that to me if I could understand my dreams I would not need you duh!!!

    These dreams started the day I moved to this beautiful manor house in the north of England, which is in the middle of nowhere my nearest neighbour miles away but that just adds to its charm. I came across this little manor by chance when I suddenly felt I had to walk through the woods on a path barely visible to the eye which I believe to have been a long forgotten country path. It was strange walking the invisible path as I felt I knew it, felt like I had walked it many times before also with this feeling in my soul I knew that I was heading home. How strange the feeling for I have always felt that like I was home sick and finally now on this “path” I felt like I was finally returning home, Oh what a glorious feeling it made my soul glide and dance and I burst out in song, a song I never knew I knew. From an old memory?  I must have heard it from childhood maybe from my mother of maybe even my grandmother. It goes like this:

Sun of power, Sun of gold Sun O wondrous fair

Hear my words of power and grace, Winging through the air

Illuminate Deep Mysteries, Bring me favours great

Fill my life with joy and hope Grant me wondrous fate

All-powerful healing Deities Guide me to high Destinies”

How strange it sounds almost like a chant more than a song an ancient chant and the strange feelings that rushed through me when reciting it, like taking up energy from the earth I stepped upon and the surrounding nature I was in the presence of. Walking through the glorious wood in a glorious mood I felt on top of the world like nothing could touch me I was home I was safe. Leaving the wood into a clearing as it looked but when I looked closer I saw it was a magnificent garden and looking down the garden I saw the most enchanting manor house, so beautiful with its natural sand stone bricks, climbing ivy, stained glass circle window in the middle and the glorious oak doors. I followed a garden path round to the front of the house as I had come from the rear on entering, then from the front I saw there was a for rent sign with a number to ring if interested I instantly jotted it down on my sketch pad.

The End

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