Freshman year

my short freshman at my high school


I read the signs that were on the gates of my new prison I mean school. Unlike prison the food should be better and I get to leave everyday at 2:30pm. " Have a nice day first day" my mom says to me, then leans in to kiss my check. i just smile and got out of the car heading for the gates of my prison of the next four years. I remember my schedule so I walked to my 1st period class. as I walked to my class different thoughs went thought my mind. like the stories about how high school change you. i looked down at my outfit a pair of new black Converse (thanks to mommy) a nice pair of dark blue jeans that show off my long legs and butt, and a cute white blouse with a black design on it. Then one question pop in my mind. Am I goin to leave the same way i came in? But then again high school is where you find yourself or so im told. I keep walking to class as the bell rings telling everone you have one minute to get to class. i just keep walking and under i breath i say " lets get started" with a small smile on my face.

The End

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