Seth, my beautiful kidnapper, grabbed a hold on my wrist and brought me with him to a bedroom, no doubt his.

"So, which would you rather?"

          I looked at him, puzzled.

          "What do you mean?" I said, finally able to speak.

"Would you like me to suck you dry and kill you, or change you into a vampyre. Don't take this lightly. It is not simply live or die. It is live and suffer for thousands of years, as we have, or die and be at peace, never to open your eyes to the blinding light of the world in which we live in. This world of pain."

          Seth hugged me lightly, as if afraid to crush me, then whispered in my ear, his breath tickling me delicately.

"You have one hour, and I will be back to either change you, or kill you. Make your decision wisely. But I cannot guarantee you will even survive the transformation."

          With that, he left the room, locking me inside. I fell onto the small couch he had in his room and put my head in my hands and wept. I wept for my mother and father, who I would no doubt never see again; I wept for my older brother, who's fiance was expecting twins, twins that I would never get to hold, to love, or to teach the values of life; I wept for my grandmother, who was near death and wanted only to see me before she died; But most of all, I wept for a boy at my school, who had asked me to be his girlfriend numerous times, but who I had constantly turned down, for fear of dissapointing him that I wasn't the person he thought I was. I wept for all these people, but never even once thought of my impending death.

          I knew that if I chose death, it probably wouldn't be fast, but it would be painless. I knew I would feel the ecstasy of Seth's fangs pierce my throat, and then I would be floating. Floating over the world until I saw no more. But if I chose the transformation, I would feel his fangs once again, but I didn't know how the transformation worked, so I would have to think very  carefully.

          When Seth came back an hour later, my eyes were puffy, red, and the couch tear-stained. A look of pure compassion filled his face, as he knew what I was crying for.

"Are you ready to choose?"

          I nodded. "I want you to change me, but only if I will get to see my family and friends again and come back to visit them every once in a while." He slowly paced the room, pondering my compromise. Then, finally, he sat down beside me, unsheathing his fangs. He took my hand.


          I woke up in his bedroom, in his arms. I looked up and realized my head was on his chest. He looked utterly spent. As if the night before had taken alot out of him. Of course, I knew it had. He had drank my blood, and I his. I had left him drained and weak, and we had collapsed in the bed, him to rest and regain his power, me to finish the transformation. I noticed all at once that my vision and hearing were incredible. I could hear a car on the highway ten miles away from where we lay; could see the dust particles in the air; and whereas it would be impossible to see with the eyesight of a human, I could see the almost invisible pores on Seth's face.

          Seth's eyelids fluttered, and I immediatly feigned sleep.

"I know you're awake. Your breathing is not yet regular and relaxed. You do not need to pretend for me. You may go now, if you wish. Go see your parents, your friends, your brother. Go see them. I will still be resting when you get back."

          "What makes you think I'll come back?" I asked, challenging him. "How do you know I won't just take all your money and go? Are you psychic?"

          He chuckled silently.

"If you wished to do that, you wouldn't have waited for my permission. You would have already fled to another country, another life. I trust that you would come back, because you are yet a fledgling and do not know how to hunt, to kill, and you are still weak yet. You would not survive in this world without me. That is how I know you will come back."

          With that, he went back to sleep. I got out from under the blanket silently and got dressed. I turned to see if Seth was asleep, and noticed his bare, smooth, hairless chest. I felt a pang of guilt for doing this to him. For using him. I felt my eyes begin to tear up. I slowly and as silently as I could, bent over Seth and gently kissed his lips. I turned towards the door and opened it. I looked over my shoulder at Seth. The corners of his mouth had turned up in a slight smile that turned his face into that of an innocent angel. He looked beautifully peaceful. I grabbed the money he had left me, the car keys to a black mustang convertible, and headed for the airport.

The End

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