Simon and Thérèse, The French Vampyres

          I hadn't made it to the door yet, when I felt his cool, strong arms wrap around my waist from behind. These were arms that wouldn't hesitate to break my back if the one controlling them intended to do me harm.

"Why do you run?"

          I struggled as much as I could, but nothing happened. He chuckled under his breath.

"You thought you could run from me? How foolish of you!"

          Just then, another man walked through the door, this one more beautiful than the one holding me.

"Seth, don't play with your food, please. It makes me sick just to think of what you've been doing to this poor creature in my absence."

          This one had shoulder-length dark hair, ice blue eyes, and pale skin that seemed to sparkle in the fluorescant light. I gasped despite myself, as his voice was like ice. Smooth, but cold. The one who had kidnapped me, Seth, I suppose, chuckled and reluctantly released me.

"No harm in a little fun, is there, Simon?" And then he spoke to me. "You must forgive my little french friend over there. He seems cold, but inside is a heart big enough to light a fire!"

          Then another voice, to my right. I whirled around to face the feminine french voice. She was beautiful. Long, honey-blonde hair, sea-green eyes, and a tall, slender form that somewhat resembled that of a cat's. Now that I thought about it, they all resembled cats.

"I wonder what else this little masochist has been up to while we were... Away."

"You see, Thérèse?" He then spoke fluently in french, something I could never hope to do in my wildest dreams, and I didn't know what he spoke of.

"Elle n'est pas assez intelligente pour courir de nous. On n'a rien de gagner de l'exterminé. Si elle pense de nous exposé, je l'a lesse a Seth." Then to me. "You must pardon the manners of my so-called brother. He is barbaric and has no sense of compassion. Come with me, I'll show you the way out, and you can make your way home. There is enough money in your bourse for a plane home." This man's accent sent chills down my spine. The female noticed this, and immediately tensed.

          "Simon, you must forgive me, but why are we showing so much générosité towards this mere human? She is dinner, nothing more."

          She looked at me as if I were rubbish, as if I was hardly worth her time. I still stood there, mouth agape, no words to describe what I was experiencing. I thought of exposing these beautiful creatures for what they really were. As if responding to my thoughts, Simon, the french vampyre, flinched slightly.

"You see, Seth? She has already begun to think of us immortals as monsters and is going to expose us. You cannot let her out of this house, now. You must either change her, or dispose of her."

          With that, Simon and his girlfriend, Thérèse, left the room. Thérèse with a flip of her hair. I stood there, mouth agape like a fool, waiting for something else to happen. I was scared to death about what might happen next in the strange world I lived in.

The End

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