If there was one thing I knew it was I could be the one to break her. Make her come clean about what she is doing. Get her away from this place and my friend from making the biggest mistake of his life. I could ruin her, find dirt. Its what I do.  Never have I thought one could be so greedy, mean, vindictive. But if there was a person I would be her. Queen bitch as I like to call her. She is a low type of person, the lowest of them all. A money grabbing whore. I speak my mind for as I know the real her, she honestly thinks out of all people I can be the one she trust, Me his best friend. Why ? When happens when I spill ? I mean I have told her things too. It’s a two way deal to get trust you have to make them thing you trust them as well. As much as I don’t really care if my secrets come out, its just not time. I will tell on my own.                                                 Can someone like herself really be as naïve as I know she is ? She wants to have his babies, not because she loves him, she doesn’t. She loves his money, or what he has left of it. Can anyone be so low of themselves ? She doesn’t respect herself, let alone anyone else. He likes guys, and wants to fool around with them she says its okay as long as she can get money or a new phone from him doing it. Using another guys weakness for my friend to manipulate them both. I always grew up knowing how cruel the world could be. When I was told “the world”, I didn’t know that meant people who are barely legal.

                        Everything should revolve around her, that’s what gets me. “well if we were in Vegas” is one phase that if I hear come out of her mouth again, I may just cut her face off. Its so annoying. She chose to move her, no one forced her. It would be hard to considering no one actually likes her. Everything I get she has to try and one up me everytime. She wines and begs until she gets her way. I don’t want her here, a lot of people don’t, but there is nothing I can do about it for now. Soon enough she will be gone.

                        I’m married. I got married a month or two after my 18th birthday, my husband had just graduated high school. I wouldn’t change it for anything.  I had been with my husband for two years before we even decided to get married, and have known each other for two years before that. My best friend meets this girl, knows her for two weeks, and suddenly decides to marry the girl ? I know it wasn’t his choice. I’ve known him for along time well enough to know he doesn’t settle down. I was with him myself. My friends have all been with him. It really isn’t like him at all, and that’s how I know it wasn’t his idea.

The End

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