The UndertakingMature

Warrant Officer Chris Hewitt
Eos II Scouting Mission: Sixteen hours before Planetfall


"Ehem... So, as the Captain has explained, this place is cold. Very cold, -40 degrees celsius to be exact, and that is in the 'hot' sun." Griffin had me help me stand suit up to face the men.

"These Exo suits you are all familiar with are being fitted with a heating unit to help regulate your core body temperature. They have been tested on the red planet in temperatures well below what Eos II has in store. But that does not mean you can roll around and make snow angels, these modules are sensitive to high impact."

He lowered the suit back on the lev-cart as I continued. I went through the EDEF database and revealed vehicle information in the Cargo Bay.

"In addition to the Exo suits, Officer Griffin has retrofitted company vehicles to accommodate for use of fossil fuels as well as standard fusion batteries. Now... finding fossil fuels under the ice and snow wont be so easy. But remember it is an option in the case that your batteries lose power."

Officer Griffin stepped in and switched the projection to a close up on the surface, and pin pointed a location only a few klicks from the landing site.

"Well said Mr. Hewitt. But I do want to mention this colony has a reactor that is active. However that poses us with a seriously dangerous possibility. Considering these colonists have lost contact, there is a chance this reactor is becoming more unstable by the second. We cannot allow a meltdown if we want to restore this colony."

The room chatter started up again once me and Griffin finished. Until figure of Dr. Charm approached the table that is, even Officer Griffin was stuck for a moment.

"I know Warrant Officer Griffin has mentioned the temperatures of Eos II, but I cannot stress enough the dangers of being exposed to such cold for too long. Frost bite will still be a problem, even for you soldiers.As for the survivors, if any, you should bring them back to this Med Bay until we find a working Medical facility on the surface. Their condition is considered a emergency to address."

She walked away from the Holo Desk, so swift yet strict as could be. She was a very serious woman when it came to her practice. The Captain approached the Desk one last time.

"We will have two platoons of thirty and a Gemini unit ready as we enter the surface. Delta will be lead by Lieutenant Bell, Alpha will be lead by me, and Beta will be lead by . Lieutenant Kelly Chamberlan. Remember, reinforcements wont be here for six months ladies and gentlemen. We are in store for something greater than we imagined, but we were trained for greater."

The room was silent for s moment, "Is there any questions? Or are we ready to follow through with Operation Freeze Point?"

"Oorah!" The soldiers cheered in unison.

The Captain had a smile on her face, "Attaboy!"

The End

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