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Captain Karida Chakroun
Eos II Scouting Mission: Two Days before Planetfall

“We simply cannot land in these conditions. We are simply not prepared for such an expedition.” Lieutenant Wei answered. His custom body was that of an extremely slender korean man with piercing stare, the kind only Navy officers would think was even mildly practical. “Supplies are limited and the mission strongly assumed we were to set down on a mostly tropical planet. The Hornet is a lander, we are simply not capable of unaided escape velocity on a planet of this gravity. We have discovered the cause of the disturbance and brought the communication beacon with us.”

Of course he didn’t want to be grounded, he and his men would become a waste of oxygen on the ground.

“And what should we do? Wait for reinforcement? It’ll take over a week to get an answer and by the time they’re here more than a year will have passed since the crisis. If there’s anyone down there, it’ll be too late for them.”

“Ensign Summers, are we receiving any communication from the ground up?” The Lt asked to the sheepish looking man standing at the side.

“Nothing live, only recordings, several distress beacons. Most of them asking for rescue or supplies.”

“Doc, what could have caused this?” I asked looking at Mr. Lacroix.

“With air samples analyzed by the probe and the particles in the air, I would say multiple volcanic eruption could have exasperated the winter condition.”

As he finished speaking, Doc Charm and Officer Griffin came into the war room.

“Just the man I needed. Griffin how would our gears handle a forty-two below zero temperature in Celsius?” I asked.

“They should hold, ESEF gears are tested in martian conditions, we’re talking twenty degrees below the parameters you’ve just mentioned. Exo suits come with Plug and play warming or cooling equipment, should take a day to retrofit them.” Griffin said, still smoking. A breach of regulation, but we had bigger problems on our hand.

“Still, it would be better to just put the marines back in cryo and await reinforcement.” The lieutenant declared.

“If I may object.” Dr. Charm began. “Putting the men back into cryogenic suspension before their organism had the time to cleanse the suspension cocktail could seriously damage the liver and kidneys of the bodies which would more than likely require hospitalization or ego transfer. Military grade bodies should require on average three to four days to be clear.”

“Seventy bodies awake for half a week will drain our food supplies too much for the wait and see plan.” I added. “Beside we have to investigate the cause of the disruption, it is doubtful a harsh winter alone could cause a colony to go dark. Which would mean sabotage, a unknown pathogen or an attack by an unknown party.”

“I say landing is our best option.” Griffin said. “If need be, I believe I could, given the right scavenged materials, construct a booster to get off world within a week. Which would give us time to investigate and resupply.”

“Orochi Corp regulations state a colony should always have a year worth of supplies in case of emergency stored inside the primary colony site. By all accounts most of it should be intact.” Ensign Claire Brackman said. “I’m an Orochi kid.” She added when heads turned her way.

“I say we vote.” I offered. “Officers present only.” If push came to shove, I could have had the second lieutenant relieve the Lieutenant of duty.

“Fine.” The lieutenant said.

“All for landing?” Eight hands raised. “All those against?” Two of them, the Lieutenant and one of his Ensign, the communication officers had voted no.

“We’ve reached a consensus. We’re landing as soon as possible at Alpha Site. Lieutenant Bell, please convoke the Marines for a mission briefing. ”

The End

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