No Time For NostalgiaMature

Warrant Officer James Griffin
Eos II Scouting Mission: Two Days before Planetfall

I finished installing the last fuel tank not long after the Captain left. I made my final inspections of the vehicles in the Cargo Bay. Three VecRats, six Tack Frogs, and the our only light tank, the Gemini LT M5. Each now fitted with the right tech to support both fusion battery and fossil fuel operation. EDEF couldn't find another engineer halfway across Sol that could work both systems into one engine. They were lucky I was against suicide and had a thing for shiny objects. This yellow jumpsuit was pretty snazzy too.

When I was told I was accompanying the 326th Recon on a mission to Eos II I laughed. I guessed the Third Wave Colony there wasn’t responding. I was right. I didn’t refuse, it was good knowing EDEF finally required someone with real Earth experience. We left a hundred and ninety three days ago, but it felt like years.

I finished my inspections and rested in the Engineering Bay. Felt good for the few minutes I had there even with the ache in my lower back. I almost regretted not getting the spinal operations Dr. Charm suggested. I would have to speak with her about that, but not now -- Planetfall would be in less than two days. I retrieved my holotab from the desk next to the fabricator and searched the EDEF database for Eos II. The surveyor data revealed a beautiful 3D model of the planet. Almost reminded me of Earth, I flipped between the two planet models when the door opened.

“I’m done, I’m done.” I said sarcastically as I spun my chair to face the door.

Doctor Charm stood in the doorway, her red hair and green eyes were stunning for a second. But the look on her face showed her attitude was serious.

“How do you speak Urdu anyway?” I asked with a smile.

“No time for that Griffin, we have an issue. Captain Karida is holding a meeting on deck.” Her tone was strict.

I got up and reached into the belt of my jumpsuit for a cigarette and placed it to my mouth. My lighter ignited it and I followed her down the hall. We strolled past the mess hall where the marines were getting their hardy fill. Warrant Officer Chris Hewitt rushed up to us, I motioned him to follow. He babbled about my work on the Gemini LT M5, but I shushed him as I finally asked Constance about the meeting,

“So what is it? Do we have to change course or something? Don’t tell me we have to wait a few more days, I’ll go insane in this shithole.”

Constance looked over her shoulder,

“Do you like the cold?”

The double doors to the briefing deck slid open with a slight hiss.

The End

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