Charm's AdmirationMature

Warrant Officer: Constance Charm

Eos II Scouting Mission: Two Days before Planetfall

I stretched my arms and legs before glancing at the list of the day's patients. Twenty-two ended up having some type of medical problem. My limbs were tired and my two nurses lay on the metal sleds, breathing heavily.

"Going to report to Captain Karida. I haven't seen her and she might need assistance. She would never come on her own," I told my nurses before marching out the room. After exiting, I pressed a button on the arm of my jumpsuit. "Karida." After I have received the position, I turned to the right and began my way.

On the way to Karida, I looked up Eos II on the holo tablet. Eos II was one of the new third wave colonies to be built. It had earth like conditions, seven months ago it went dark, which is why I am on this ship under Karida. To help her in the mission and to be by her side. Karida's parents were high-ranking Navy officers with connections so her parents  saved me because of Karida. Karida called in a favor so I owe her a lot.  She taught me to be strong when my brother and family used to tell me only about my weaknesses.

I turned a hallway, looking up planetary statistics. Covered 84% in salt water oceans, three continents, winter would be harsh. I shaddered thinking about the winter. Would be hard to work in those conditions. I didn't like animals that much so the largest animal size, did not make me worry. Population estimated to be 12,000 egos. The largest settlement was the Hub with 10,000 inhabitants. Native language was Urdu. I tried learning Urdu, but with all the medical research  possibilities on Eos II, my mind couldn't stay on learning a new language. I was really thankful for having Als do the translations.

After taking stairs to the next level, I noticed that Karida was close. After analyzing that the planet would not be gaining independence any time soon, I saw Karida's back. From my trained eye, I could tell that she was not in a good mood. But, she never was when it came to her men and women on board this ship. I made my way towards her. Karida was alone, so I could actually do my usual greeting towards her.

I jumped up a little and hugged her from behind. Karida froze in place and uttered a couple of curses in her native Arabic language. I let her go after laughing and she turns around with murder in her eyes.

"I should have known it would be you Doctor Charm," she uttered, angrily.

I smiled at her. "Well you looked mad, you know I can tell how made you are from your back. So tense."

She sighed. "Dr. LaCroix just shared some news."

I folded my arms, waiting. Dr. LaCroix's news were never good. When he was involved, it always spelled tragedies.

"Using his words, he found an anomaly in environmental factors, recorded temperature near the proposed landing site," she sighed in frustration. "Fuck it, I can't talk in his science jargon. The planet is completely frozen over, Constance."

"Aus ucht De," I uttered in Irish.

"When the doctor starts cursing in her native tongue, the problem is a real problem," Karida patted my shoulder.

"When did you find out?" I asked.

"Ten minutes ago. I am on the way to the deck to hold another meeting. This time with all the officers. You missed the first one, the one after I woke up," Karida said.

"I had to prepare the room for patients and it was the right thing to do. Want me to do anything?" I asked.

"Yeah, he will probably ignore the call out for the meeting. collect warrant officer, James Griffin. He is with the fabricating unit, a cigarette in his throat. You can't miss that ass. You have twenty minutes," Karida said.

The End

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