Freeze overMature

Captain Karida Chakroun
Eos II Scouting Mission: Two Days before Planetfall

It’s always all work and no play when it come to leading an EDEF ops.

I skipped the shower, the cryo-liquid dried up with air contact, but left a sticky feeling on the skin, dressing up in the locker room, wearing the same jumpsuit everyone wears on military boats; color coded for service, with your name and rank insignia sewn in at the shoulder. Instead of white or blue, it was black. There’s actually a reason other than the aesthetics of the thing, the feet and hands are designed with electromagnetic grips, you just need to think about using them and the R.E.A.C.T implant in your head activates for you. The other reason is the built in emergency spacesuit made of smart materials. Not something you’d want to wear on an EVA but it did the job of keeping you alive when an airlock malfunctioned.

I pushed myself along the railings that were omnipresent through the ship. On gravity less ships, they were your main way of getting around. Some ships would be hell to navigate, mostly those never meant to enter gravity wells. The Blue Hornet as it was called was a lander, so everything was made so it could be used when landed within a planet, making orientation a lot easier.

My Holo tablet gave me the rundown the ship’s activity in the last six months, air and water supplies were in good supply, fuel reserves were also above expectation. Food was low, the ship wasn’t designed to have a hundred bodies buzzing around, being intended to simply deliver them, with everyone awake we had maybe two months left and reinforcement were half a year away. It wasn’t much of a problem, Eos II was considered a garden planet, earth like conditions and local lifeforms compatible with human biochemistry after a little enzyme cocktail so you could digest any of it. So I didn’t worry.

I did a detour to the Engineering labs, see how Warrant Officer Griffin was doing, he had to update and maintain our equipments for the mission and he was running late. Probably the nanofab station, third generation ones were especially finicky if much faster than previous generations. When that was done with, I headed toward Science quarters.

“Captain.” Dr LaCroix said. “Good to see you awake.” He was sitting down, buckled up, in his chair in front of his holodesk.

“Good to be moving around.” I answered, anchoring myself to the wall. “What’s the emergency that couldn’t wait for me to get something to eat?”

“We’ve received the reconnaissance probe’s data shortly before you were taken out of suspended animation. There seems to be an anomaly in environmental factors, recorded temperature near the proposed landing site has reached two hundred and thirty degrees kelvin. Which contradicts the previous environmental data recorded by the Orochi Corporation survey prior to colonization.”

“I don’t speak science jargon, Doctor. What are you trying to tell me?”

“The planet is completely frozen over, M’am.”

They say the first casualty of any battle is the battle plan, personally I say it’s the ‘Get to the battlefield’ plan that dies first and hard.

The End

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