Far From HomeMature

Warrant Officer James Griffin
Eos II Scouting Mission: Two Days before Planetfall

You would be surprised at how much this space is like Earth. Hundreds of years struggling to being a space faring people and we still haven't gotten away from the basics. Holding our breath around the wrong people. Being surrounded by the cosmos while staring into emptiness...

Fighting for survival.

I spent more than 15 years with EDEF, but my home was Earth. Most of these body hoppers found it hard to believe I showed any bit of mercy for the Earthborn. After all, they saved me from the wasteland that was my home. And I would agree, I'd probably be dead if it wasn't for EDEF, but would I be with my people.

At least they allowed my hands to do the work they were suppose to do. They offered some low ranking helpers, but I tended to just scold them and do things myself. Now I was in charge of finishing the retrofitting of nuclear vehicles with new fuel systems. And using those god damn nano fabricators seriously pissed me off.

"C'mon you piece of --"

My coughing interrupted me, but the cigarette at the corner of my mouth didn't leave. I flicked the ashes into a tray before returning it to my lips. Getting up from the rubber gripped flooring I grunted. The sliding of the doors to the Engineering bay caught my ear.

"Griffin, Planetfall is in two days. And I don't think you want to be in this bay when we break the atmosphere. You have until tomorrow." Captain Karida Chakroun, six months of not having to hear her yap was a godsend. I cringe at the sound of her orders, but I didn't show disrespect.

"Yeah yeah, I'll have it done Captain. You Space Walkers must not know it was the Earthborn who got you here in space." I dragged my cigarette to it's end and stamped it out in the ash tray. Turning to the computer I punched in corrections to my code. Finally those error messages disappeared and I set the specifications for the final part. The smoke left me mouth when I spoke,

"Just one more fuel tank to install on the last APC and then we're set." I coughed again.

"How many lungs are you going to waste before you quit?" Karida said, her tone was fresh, my first comment must have gotten to her.

"All of them." I replied as I looked over my shoulder with a grin. She turned away while smiling back. We joked around about our backgrounds. But to some extent, we were being honest. I watched her walk out of the Engineering bay with her holo tab in her arms, she was a busy woman.

"You have until tomorrow! Get it done Griffin, and for god's sake shave yourself!"

I looked back at the fabricating unit, it beeped as it fed the final fuel tank onto a small conveyor.

The End

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