Meeting Doctor CharmMature

Private (Or-1) Jaime Reyes

Eos II Scouting Mission: Two Days before Planetfall

The nurses, Amy something and Lance something brought me through a series of doors towards the medical office of Doctor Charm.

I tried not to think about how my skin was white and waxy. It made me feel like a mannequin. But, because my Captain has told me it's no big deal, I had to be a good private. I was a new guy after all, I had to listen to her. I had to stop screaming, but it didn't worked out like that.

"Private Reyes, Doctor Charm," Amy addressed the doctor.

"Mierda!" I uttered in my native tongue for the fourth time.

"I will stop you right there, Private Reyes," a woman's voice said on my right. "The cryo burns are nothing to worry about and I do not like my patients swearing. Swear on your own time."

I gulped, looking at this young doctor. Her flaming red hair was pulled back into a bun. Her green eyes were not focused on me but on my history chart on her company owned Holo Tablet. She was wearing a suit under her white doctor's robe. She looked away from the chart at me.

"You have calmed down, Private Reyes?" Doctor Charm asked me.

I nodded.

"Good," she replied. "Amy dear, bring me lukewarm water. Lace bring me sterile dressing." She then put on gloves before touching my exposed skin. "It's a good thing that you all sleep in your underwear inside the cryo because treating the burns get difficult when they have contact with clothing."

I tilted my head to look at my body and I was indeed, wearing only my underwear. I blushed from embarrassment and looked up at the ceiling. The ceiling had a holo projection of a rose garden. I cringed my nose at the sight. Never liked looking at flowers.

I heard a clap and the image changed to a forest of birch trees at the same time as I felt a wet cloth on my skin. I smiled at the scene. Now that was a sight. I changed my gaze to the doctor for a second. She was stern, yet she changed the scenery for me.

"Amy, Lance you can leave and make sure the others are waking up alright. I have a feeling that you will be sending to me a lot more. We do have 105 members on this ship," Doctor Charm addressed the nurses.

"Do you need anything else before we leave?" Amy asked.

"No, I got it from here," Doctor Charm replied and went back to thawing my skin.

The nurses bowed their heads before leaving.

"You like birch trees?" Doctor Charm asked as she continued to clean my chest.

"Yes," I coughed.

"No getting sick on me now," Doctor Charm scolded me with her finger.

I laughed and the atmosphere in the room became less dense.

She did not laugh with me.

"How long until my treatment is done?" I asked.

"Thawing skin takes a while, it is a slow process. We are changing frozen masses to liquid," Doctor Charm replied.

"Oh," I couldn't think of anything else to say.

"You miss your home? Colony Reus III?" Doctor Charm asked.

"I don't miss being a farmer. My father is a farmer," I replied.

"Do you feel me touching your skin?" Doctor Charm asked me.

"Yes," I replied, surprised at the change of subject.

"I asked because if you couldn't feel, that means you have lost a sensation in that particular area. That would have been bad and you would be with me for an entire day," Doctor Charm explains.

I didn't think I would mind. "Haven't spoken to anyone in months. Do you like having conversations or you like being by yourself?"

"Why did you join the EDEF?" Doctor Charm asked, the subject turned back to me.

"To see the galaxy," I replied.

Doctor Charm laughed. "What a typical response."

The End

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