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After the Eos II Colony went dark the EDEF sent the 326th recon company to find out what had happened. They weren't ready for what waited for them; a frozen wasteland and unknown horrors lurking beneath.

Stranded, they must discovered what happened and hold off the long months until rescue arrives


[WELCOME *** Confidential *** WHAT MAY I DO FOR YOU?]







Captain Karida Chakroun of the 326th Recon Company
Eos II Scouting Mission: Two Days before Planetfall

When you take the training, you get told suspended animation is just like going to sleep. They’re lying. I’ve fought across nineteen colonies, stopped uprising, tossed myself on a grenade, taken bullets and burning plasma streams and cryo is what spooks me. You can’t help but panic as the closet sized tube fills with bright blue liquid and submerges you and a needle pumps you full of chems, soon enough everything goes dark…

Then you wake up and six months have gone by, but you’re still in that initial burst of panic. Cryo sucks… It’s the same story every time. The liquid pours out and before you know it, an asshole flashes a light in your eyes to confirm your status and you’re stuck waiting. When it’s your turn, the space monkey helps you out, as you can’t quite move by yourself. Unlike us popsicles, they spent every days awake in a floating can heading for a faraway star system.

“Good evening, Captain Chakroun.” The guy says. His white jumpsuit identified him as Lance Joy, one of the two nurse that accompanied us on this mission. “Are you experiencing any nausea, pain or disorientation?”

“I’m fine.” I grunted. I’d been doing this for only God knew how long. Time was meaningless now, I’d be born more than a century ago, but I had spent a large stretch of it under cryo going from one system to the next when trouble called. Death was nothing but a faint memory in humanity’s existence, if you got corpsed nowadays, they would just extract your cortical stack and imprint your ego on some cloned body they stored in massive cryo vaults.

“We got a problem.” Someone cried out. It was the other nurse, a blonde called Amy Rodriguez. A guy on the other side of the bay was being extracted from his tube, freeze burns all over his chest, something that happened when the defrosting process botched, it happened on older boats like the Blue Hornet.

I clumsily climbed out and pushed myself through the cryo bay, floating weightlessly. Most ships operated exclusively in microgravity, rotating habitats just weren’t practical or economic to build, the only artificial gravity on the ship was the medbay, as it was necessary to work. I hit the other side and used the rails to slow down and lock myself in place before moving to left left to reach the wounded. I wasn’t all too familiar with him, Jaime Reyes had been assigned to the company just before we’d launched, he was green too, just out of the boot camp.

He was screaming, making the few awake marines really uncomfortable

“Fuck… Fuck… I’m going to die… Am I? Shit… First mission and I’m dead before it starts.” He was in the midst of panic, something that was common in recruits. Most of whom had never experienced death first hand, it was one thing to feel it through an experience playback and another to feel it for real.

“Private Reyes, Calm down. Listen to me, you are going to live, this is just a little cryo burns, we’ve all had them. Doctor Charm will help you and you’ll be the first boot on the ground, I promise you that. You are not missing out on this Mission”

The two nurses attached him into an Sled and the girl pushed him toward the exit to bring him to the medbay. Lance on his hand continued the check up. The few marines that were awake enough joined in and so did I. It wasn’t hard; just check for reaction and obvious wounds, pre-landing medical screenings would find any other problems.

An ensign in their dark blue uniform made it’s way toward me, handing me a holo tablet with local data.

Once everyone was out, I took the nearest handle and addressed the troops. “Good evening Marines.” My voice carried through the bay and everyone turned toward me, Karen Liu calling attention. “In case you’ve missed the memo, it’s been a hundred and ninety three days since your last meal. We’ve arrived in the Eos System, where approximately seven months ago we lost contact with the Eos II colony, their FTL communication beacon being destroyed for unknown reasons. We’ve been tasked to bring a new one and investigate the source of the disruption. We should be landing within the next forty eight hours, depending on our Pilot’s whim. I’ve talked enough, get cleaned and then something to eat. Dismissed.”

“Captain.” Someone hailed on the ship’s communication system, I recognized Dr Baptiste Lacroix, the Science officer. “You better see this…”

I was famished, but food would have to wait… I turned around and left for the Labs.

The End

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