Book 1. Chapter 1. Page 3.Mature

Book 1. Chapter 1. Page 3.

The plan was simple. Lure all the Bounty Hunters away to the jail where Lucas was kept as bait. Then to find Raymond before he struck again. The only thing the police released that all the murder victims were blonde, and natives of Chrysalis.

"The police are hiding something," concluded Charles over the comm. He was the sixth and the final member of this crew. He was away on a personal business, but it involved more patching things with parents than finding serial killers. "Eight out of ten on Chrysalis are blonde natives."

Freeman nodded, "I didn't call you to ask your advice. How's your troubles coming along?" Charles tensed up. He took a sip of his wine (it didn't help). A man of fine tastes, but only in wines. "I didn't think you cared about me and my problems."

"You owe me a thousand credits," Freeman explained and Charles laughed. "Don't laugh. Just because you have mommy issues doesn't mean I will cancel the debt... Well, I need to catch a serial killer."

"And I need to catch the real meaning of my mother's words." The comm-link switched off. Freeman stood up and stretched. The first part of the plan didn't involve him. He glanced at his watched and sighed. It was only a matter of time for he would have to leave for the police station, either to help catching a serial killer or ask Lucas was he was hiding from him.


The guy crawled to his knees and cried, "What did I do?! Stop!"

"Idiot... You'll be alright," she decided as she reached for a bottle water. He hesitated to take it but in the end gulped it down. Then, he spat out most of it because of the gag reflex.

"Are you kidding me?! This hurts so much!"

"Don't be a wuss. Anyway, what do you know about the serial killer?" He stood up and tested his ankle out. Even the slightest movement felt like horses were treading all over it. He looked angrily at Caroline but calmed out. It was his fault. After all, who knowingly sneaks into the room of a woman who sleep with her gun?

"Argh, okay. Listen, I don't know much about the guy, Ramon, but I heard he kills only blonde men in their early thirties."

"Okay. His name is Raymond, and that makes no sense, Caldwell," she offered him an icepack and sat on the bed. He sat beside her, momentarily wondering if dishing out revenge would be a good option, before wincing in pain. He asked, "And why is that?"

"Usually, serial killers kill people that resemble someone they are obsessed with. And Lucas, his brother, isn't blonde. Maybe, there is someone else? But this guy hasn't met his brother in six years. That would make him very desperate to meet his brother. Desperate enough to kill just anyone. No. It's definitely for someone else. The question is who?"

"Complete plastic surgeries without scars are still super expensive, even in the black market. But just in case, you should ask his brother."

"Yes." Caroline called up the police station. No answer. She called again. No answer. She tried Freeman's number. No answer. "Shit! They aren't answering! If this is some stupid plan of Freeman's..."

"I don't think so. Why would he make sure the bounty hunters are in a position to intercept him?"

Caroline calmed down. Caldwell was right. Not even Freeman would be foolish enough to do something like this.


When dawn broke, Freeman stepped into the police station. Most of the bounty hunters had left. After all, the 'Chrysalis Ripper' did not strike after dawn. Two pat downs later, he reached Lucas' holding cell.

"You bastard!" Lucas was waiting for him. He stretched his arms as much as he could, trying his hardest to reach Freeman through the bars.

"He didn't come for you. We put out the word. It seems you are not as important as I thought."

"Just a little closer. One more step and I'll let you repay me. Come on, with all thinking, your hug brain must make your neck tired. Let me massage it for you."

"I never ask but now I must. Were you a natural blonde?" Lucas' shoulders gave way. He dropped his arms and sat down. "Are you from Chrysalis?"


"You changed. You stopped doing something. You let your brother down."

"No, I didn't! I had no other choice!"

"There is never 'no other choice'. That is merely your mind trying to reduce your guilt."

"I couldn't help him. I promised to protect him but I couldn't. They said if I tried to do something stupid, I would have the same fate. I was only nine! I was scared!"

"You were brave enough to promise you-"

"Shut up! Shut up! You don't understand. They said one of us could join the crew, the other would be sold. I... I... chose wrong."

"You joined the crew."

"I wish. They... they.... did something. I don't know. When I met him again ten years later he wasn't Raymond anymore. He was a demon. Inhuman. Monster..."

"You could have told me this bef-" Freeman trembled for a second and slumped to the ground. Before Lucas could say anything, the coldest voice broke the momentary calm, "If you shout, I will blow his brains out... brother."

The End

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