Book 1. Chapter 1. Page 2.Mature

They were back on the ship with no name. It has nicknames, of course. Constantine. Phoenix. Solace. But whenever the topic came up Freeman declined to name his ship.

"You know you are going to incur Lucas' wraith when you go to bail him out. You just might send him straight to the path Raymond took, and considering half this crew wants to horribly murder you for making them through hell to save people they know nothing about, it would be absolutely normal," IronBlade the pilot wondered aloud.

Freeman didn't bother looking up. "I'm not stopping anyone from killing me, West... And you, are you part of the murderous half?" Freeman looked up and West looked away. He hated Freeman's eyes. Heterochromia or not, too many villains in his favorites movies had that very same look before they killed someone.

"If he had any balls, he'd be the first to put a knife through your throat... By the way, the shipment is out," IronBlade the muscle replied for West.

"I appreciate the honesty, Caroline," Freeman said and continued reading the datapad. West took his leave.

"Who's going to get IronBlade?" It was unfortunate. When two people with the same title meet it ends in a bloodbath. But they had earned IronBlade for reasons so different they decided to let the other keep it. That is, Caroline allowed West.

"You can have it," Freeman began and sensing a smile on Caroline's face he continued, "If you promise no massacres." Caroline's smile disappeared.

It was instead replaced with a expression that made grown men stain their pants. "You are forcing my hand. I hate people who force my hand... Very well, I'll take Vanquish. West can have IronBlade."

Freeman stood up and looked at Caroline. His crew wasn't a cheery bunch. They didn't talk, only quipped. They watched the same movies, alone. They went out to the same bar, albeit for different reasons. They were same, and they were different. The only thing that kept them from tearing each other apart was their respect from Freeman. He respected them back. Never asked why they wanted to join. Saving people meant pissing off the big guys. Each had his own reason to screw up their own future. Money, fame, honor, fun. But regardless of why they were here, the important thing to note was that they were here. And they weren't sent to spy on the crew.

"You know if we had waited for two more days, Scotty could've joined us. Haven't seen her in three years," West spoke out as Freeman locked the ship. Caroline walked ahead, carrying her most precious possession, a Colt 9mm.

Freeman said,"Yes. And what would a energetic spy do? Run ahead of us, find him in a few hours. Then, she would get slaughtered. She has no fighting skills."

"Neither do you," retorted West.

"And why do you think I'm still alive? It is because I stay away from fights."

The End

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