Chapter 4.2

“Hey guys, how’d you get in my room? Am I late for school?” Jeremy asked. His voice was normal, but there was a look in his eyes. They looked panicked and disbelieving, but far away and glassy at the same time.

“Crap, he’s in denial,” Dakota moved closer to him and replaced the strap over his forehead with her hand. I dragged myself over with my good arm to help undo the rest of the straps only to be stopped by Dakota, “Don’t do that. Not until we can get him out of this state. Oh and don’t worry about your wrist; give it ten minutes and you’ll be fine.”

Jeremy raised his head to look around and saw Sophia, still unconscious, “Sophia’s here too? Guys seriously if my mom finds you guys in here without her permission she going to be pissed.”

“Jeremy, listen to me. This isn’t your room; we’re in the back of a semi. A man named Damion kidnapped us, remember, at the bowling alley a few hours ago?” Dakota said it all in a calm voice as if it hadn’t been a traumatizing experience. “Please Jeremy, lay your head back down and I promise you’ll feel a lot better.” With a confused look across his face he did as he was told, “Now close your eyes,” Dakota instructed, putting her hand back on his forehead.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m going to break into his mind so I can help him process what happened,” she stated in a bored voice like she’d done this a thousand times before, “Oh and Jeremy, this might hurt a little.” His eyes flew open at her statement, but Dakota took a deep breath and pushed lightly on his head. Her eyes slid shut and his copied.

Waiting patiently I took my first real look at my surroundings. We really were in a semi-trailer. The walls were made of aluminum covered in white paint except for the scratches from old cargo that revealed the shiny silver metal. The floor at the front of the trailer was covered in plywood, but it ended abruptly in a row of splinters as if it had been torn up by hand halfway towards the back of the truck. Just past the splinters was Sophia, still unconscious and strapped to the metal part of the floor. After her was Jeremy with Dakota still kneeling over him, then where I had been laying, the floor covered in ragged holes where the metal had melted. The last spot had belonged to Dakota and was riddled with pieces of the broken metal straps. I had no doubt that she had gotten out the same way she had freed my hand.

I shuddered as the realization of what was going on washed over me. It was no surprise that Jeremy was losing it; I was surprised that I wasn’t. I had no indication of the time; my phone had been taken from me, but I assumed it had only been hours since this all started. Just yesterday I had been a normal kid struggling through school. Today I was a kid, locked in the back of a truck, who could catch on fire. I shuddered again and thought about what my parents would do when I didn’t come home.

The truck hit yet another bump throwing me into the air and onto my bad hand. It must have been close to being done healing because another dull crack sounded from it and I cried out in pain again. Dakota was too busy to help with the pain this time. In fact it almost looked like they hadn’t moved at all. Sophia mumbled quietly and I dragged myself over to undo the strap over her head. I shook her shoulder gently until she woke up. I probably wasn’t the best first sight; my face was contorted in an attempt to hold back tears of pain, “Sophia, are you awake? I’m not letting you up until I know you aren’t going to freak out.”

“I’m awake,” She started, “What’s going on Jack? The last thing I can remember is being at the bowling alley with you, Jeremy, and the new girl. Where are we?”

“We’re in a semi-trailer,” I replied, undoing the rest of the straps, “as for the rest; I don’t even have an explanation for it, But Dakota might when she gets done with Jeremy.”

“What’s wrong with Jeremy?” she demanded, sitting up with lightning speed.

The End

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