Chapter 4.1

"How is this possible?" I asked after several minutes. My head stopped throbbing and I sat up. The metal straps had melted into puddles around me, shooting out sparks occasionally where ever the hot liquid touched the cold metal floor. Cautiously I reached down and placed my hand in one of the shining mirrors. A small gasp escaped my lips as I watched my hand sink in. It was hot enough to melt holes through the metal floor yet it felt as cool as water where it touched my hand.

Dakota had been the one saying my name, the look on her face was hard to read, “You really don’t remember do you?” she inquired.

“Remember what?” I asked my hand still in the cooling puddle of molten metal.

Dakota reached out in an attempt to roll up my charred sleeve. Most of it fell away to dust leaving nothing but the very end supported by nothing the seam and a few stray strings. Jabbing with her finger she pointed out three lighter spots on my arm that formed a perfect triangle, “How did you get these?” she asked.

“They’re scars. I’ve had them for as long as I can remember,” I stated confused, “what do they have to do with…” Dakota yanked her sleeve up to her shoulder and placed her arm next to mine. I didn’t exactly understand what I was seeing.

Just below her shoulder were three small, lighter, spots on her skin in a triangle. I tried to move my hand to touch her arm and I couldn’t move it. The liquid metal had hardened around my fingers immobilizing them, “Ow! I can’t move, how do I get my hand out?” I asked. The truck hit a bump in the road that tossed me to one side, twisting my hand at the wrist a little too far causing me to cry out in pain as a dull crack registered in my ears, “I think it’s broken,” I whimpered.

“Stay as still as you can, I’ll get you out,” Dakota moved to my other side and leaned resting her hands on the hard blob of metal. Several painful seconds crept by slowly before I felt it. My hand was on fire, no not on fire, it was cold, colder than anything I’d ever felt! I looked down around my swollen wrist. Frost spread out from Dakota’s hands, across the metal, and on to the metal floor of the trailer. Several of the small ice crystals crawled up my arm to the swollen area, reducing the size drastically and numbing a large amount of the pain.

I looked up at Dakota. Her eyes were closed, her head down so she could concentrate on freeing my hand. Breathing deeply in an attempt to ignore the little pain that was left and couldn’t help, but notice I was staring. Her golden blond hair hung over her right shoulder revealing her left ear with and earring in the shape of a wing with a small onyx stone at the top. Her face was completely relaxed, and her body only moving slightly with each breath she took. I opened my mouth and almost said, “You’re beautiful,” but clamped my mouth shut and said it even louder in my head. Her eyes flicked open and she stared at me for a second. I jumped at the motion thinking that she had somehow heard me again. I was about to apologize for ruining her concentration when she lifted her hand and brought it down hard on the cold metal, shattering it.

Then Jeremy woke up.

The End

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