Chapter 4

I woke up in a cold sweat after watching the girl in my dream crash into the earth yet again. The scream I'd let slip out upon regaining consciousness was still echoing through the room. "Now where am I?" I thought to no one in particular, but again I got an eerie reply, "Truck..." It was a girl's voice, the same voice I'd heard earlier, barely a whisper in the back of my head. I tried to move, but I had been strapped to the floor with an extra tight strap over my forehead that made it impossible to look around.

I struggled against my bindings to no avail. Somewhere outside a door slammed, followed by the roar of an engine. The entire room lurched sideways jostling me in my spot. I struggled one more time hoping that the sudden movement had loosened them, but nothing changed. The straps followed my body's movements like rope or leather, but felt as smooth and cold as metal on my skin. I gave up, breathing heavily from the effort, "Fire..." whispered the voice in my head. I shuddered at the familiarity of it. I knew the voice, but my run ins with Damion and whatever that blue light was, made it harder for me to concentrate long enough to figure it out. So I tried to talk to it.

"Hello? Please tell me I'm not going crazy," I thought.

"Not crazy... Fire... Jack," the girls voice replied.

"Fire? What do you mean? Who are you?" I inquired.

"Dakota....Use fire... Jack," Her voice seemed like it was half asleep.

"Dakota? What do you mean, use fire? I don't have any fire!" I said.

"You do... Trust me... Feel the heat... Control it" I couldn't tell if the words were thought or spoken as someone next to me started to mumble. To my surprise I found that I was still breathing heavy, beads of sweat starting to roll down my face. Every inch of my body was bathed in warmth. My shirt clung to my sweaty skin and I started to panic. My breath had become so hot that it turned to steam every time I exhaled. Pins and needles ran up and down my spine. The world around me began to shimmer and distort slightly, my vision turned orange as my clothes began to catch on fire from my body heat. Pain roared through my head and I screamed.

"Jack," my eyes were clenched tight with pain, but something about the sound of my name seemed to soothe it away. Something ice cold touched my arm and my name was spoken again in a calm soothing tone, "Jack, it's okay."

The End

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