Chapter 3

A woman's voice roused me out of my sleep, "All three of them? Are you sure?" the woman's voice sounded surprised. I was awake, but not awake enough to open my eyes.

"Yes Madam Sharp. I'm sending you their genetic patterns now. I can't believe I didn't recognize them." I recognized the man's voice, but my thoughts were too scrambled to match a face with it.

"It appears you are correct. The genetic patterns are a perfect match. Please zoom the camera in on them; I'd like a closer look at them." I heard a faint buzz and the woman spoke again, " I'm not surprised you didn't recognize them. They've had their appearances changed. You say they didn't fight back?"

" No Madam Sharp, if anything they seemed genuinely confused. Even Dakota seems to have lost a bit of her edge. She didn't even use her abilities this time." I couldn't see him, but the tone of his voice told me he was smirking. I was more awake now, but I wasn't ready to open my eyes,not if it meant losing my chance to learn what was going on, "What do you want me to do with them?"

"Take them to the nearest FreeFall containment facility, I want to run some more tests on them." something about the way she said the word 'tests' made me shudder slightly.
"The desert?"

"Yes, the desert. I'll be waiting for you when you arrive. You've done good Damion. You might even get a promotion." I took a risk and decided to open my eyes enough to allow a sliver of light through. The room was completely dark except for a large computer monitor against one wall. I was propped up, sitting against the wall directly opposite and Damion stood in the center of the room cutting off my view of the computer screen. He still had on the same trench coat from earlier. I never would have seen him in the room if it weren’t for the glowing monitor. The woman continued, “ You’ve managed to capture all three of the escapees and you’ve recovered Project Dakota. I’m impressed.”

“Do I ever disappoint?” Damion sounded pleased with himself.

“Yes, yes you do. Oh and one more thing Damion. Make sure all of our little runaways are asleep." I froze, " One of them seems a little restless. I expect you to arrive at the containment facility no later than midnight.” the call ended and the screen went black making the room even darker. Damion glided to the computer and started typing.

I lifted my head and tried to take in what I could about the room. Even in the dark I could tell that there was nothing; the entire room was empty except for the desk holding the computer. I’d been so focused on the conversation earlier that I hadn’t noticed Dakota’s head on my shoulder, and mine on her. She was still unconscious. We’d been stuck in the same position long enough that her soft hair was stuck to my cheek. I rushed it off quietly and smoothed her hair out. We’d just met, but something told me that I knew her from somewhere, “Who are you?” I thought to myself. Then a different sound forced its way into my thoughts, “Dakota…” I tore my eyes off of her and looked around. I hadn’t thought that. Damion was still engrossed in his typing and Jeremy and Sophia were in an awkward, unconscious heap on my other side, so I knew no one had spoken. So who had said Dakota’s name?

A garbled voice came through the computer speakers, but the room stayed dark, “All according to plan?”

“Yes, I’ve been ordered to take them to the desert.” Damion’s voice seemed less cocky this time.

“Good. Continue following orders until I instruct otherwise.” The line went dead again and Damion did some more typing then closed the window and shut down the computer. I leaned Dakota in the other direction so she wouldn’t fall then got to my feet.

I hadn’t noticed Damion turning around to face me in the dark, “Awake I see.”

“What do you want with us?” I asked.
His hands seemed to glow and he raised a fist to me again, “It’s not what I want. It’s what they want.” His palm opened and I lunged at him. Blue light filled the room and the same electrical force I’d felt before threw me back into the wall and I slid to the floor unconscious again.

The End

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