Chapter 2

"Took you guys long enough! Hi I'm Jeremy and this is my girlfriend Sophia," Jeremy stated. His tone made him sound like her was bragging about it," You must be Dakota? The new girl?"

"Yep, that'd be me," she replied. Jeremy and Sophia went off with a series of questions and I spent the next few minutes listening to Dakota repeat everything she already told me. I noticed her mood changed slightly when she mentioned her dad losing his job, but I pushed the thought aside not thinking anything of it.

"Where did your dad work?" Sophia asked cutting Dakota off before she could tell them about her old friends. She clearly seemed more interested in that part of Dakota's past than I was.

"He used to work for a company called FreeFall," Dakota's voice shook slightly as she said this.

"I've heard of that place!" Jeremy blurted out, “Weren’t they doing stuff with genetics that got the owner in a lot of trouble?"

"Yeah, I don't know what they were doing though, my dad wouldn't talk about it," Her eyes were darting around and she was playing with her hair, giving me the impression that she wasn't telling us something. "Look, please don't tell anyo..." A man walked up behind us and interrupted her.

"Dakota? You know you really should keep your voice down." Everyone at the table turned in their chairs to look at him, except for Dakota who seemed to let out a disappointed sigh. A long black trench coat spilled down his body, stopping just before it reached the floor. His face was hidden behind a pair of the darkest sunglasses i'd ever seen and his hair was short and as black as his coat. I thought it was a strange outfit considering the amazing weather outside. “We’ve been looking for you and your father for a long time." he continued.

"How'd you find us this time Damion?" Dakota turned around slowly.

"It wasn't too hard. I was actually disappointed by how easy it was. I would have thought that one of the five smartest men in the world would have atleast enrolled their daughter in school under a different name." Damion smirked," who are your friends?"

"They're not part of this Damion, they don't know anything just leave them alone." she stood up and took a step towards him, “You guys should go. Now."

"What's going on Dakota?" I asked standing behind her, “Who is this guy?"

"He's my problem; please get out of here Jack. I should have known this would happen." She turned back to Damion whose expression was impossible to read with his dark sunglasses. "Please let them go."

"You know I can't do that Dakota. They've seen me, that makes them a problem. Besides, I'm sure the boss would love some new 'lab rats.' You see FreeFall has finally gone completely underground and we have a lot of new experiments to try out." He took a step closer.
Dakota lashed out unexpectedly in a spin and landed a blow with her foot in the center of his chest knocking him to the floor. Then just as fast she pulled out her phone and started to speak, “Dad! It's Damion he fou..." Her entire body spasmed and her phone fell to the floor followed by her. Damion stood up holding his chest.

Jeremy, who was completely oblivious to what was going on shouted, "Why isn't anyone moving?" I took a brief glance around the room. Everything seemed to be frozen in space. Bowling balls in midair, pins in mid strike, and a group of excited bowlers floating in inches off the ground with their arms up, but nothing was moving even the music had stopped playing.

What’s going on here?" I asked Damion
"I can't exactly take an entire building full of people. That causes too much news. Kids on the other hand, they disappear every day.” He raised his hand towards us and opened his palm.

It felt like I was being struck by lightning. Electricity coursed through my body, my hair shot straight up and a metallic taste filled my mouth. I felt my muscles clench and release suddenly then my face hit the floor an inch from Dakota's phone. Her dad was still on the line, his voice crackling with static," Dakota? Dakota?"

I coughed and used my last second of consciousness to ask for one thing, "Help..."

The End

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