Jack and Dakota were complete strangers... Or were they? Before they get the chance to get to know each other they're kidnapped and put through several super human experiments. Can they escape? or will a recurring dream be their fate?


She was falling right in front of me, right out of the sky and there was nothing I could do to stop her. I tried to chase after her, but she got farther away each time. Her granite colored eyes, barely visible through her wild golden hair, showed how scared she was, “Help me!" she screamed as we broke through the thick layer of clouds. The ground spread out beneath us like an ocean of green. I closed my eyes, trying to think of what I could do to save her. I was directly above her and I could see tears streaming of her face.  I knew there was nothing I could do.

"I'm sorry," I said, and then I spread my arms and soared back into the sky, looking away seconds before she crashed into the dirt...



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The End

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