Track leads to this..Mature

“Why am I not going?” Bella questioned me as I walked down the hallway later.

“I have no clue, Sargert.” I said.

“Shut up Chance, I WANT TO GO!” she grabbed my back, and turned me to face her.

“I didn’t make the choice. Pardon, but I have to go train privets for the computation.” I said. I turned away.

“FYI, Bella why do you want to kill your own people?” I asked cold hearted. I returned to my room and put on my uniform. I redid my hair in a braid, grabbed my gun and headed to the training ground.

A line of privets lined the wall, talking. I nodded to the few who dared to wave.

“OK, TODAY IS DAY ONE OF TRAINING. I WANT YOU ALL TO RUN AROUND THE TRACK 12 TIMES, THAT IS THREE MILES. GO!” I saw the Privets run off, fighting with each other to be first place winner. I saw the girl named Pax run neck and neck with Henry. They where both leading the pack. I sighed, it was going to be at least twenty minutes till they where done.

I grabbed my gun, and walked to the shooting range. I eyed up my gun, and begin to shot. It felt good, acting like I was killing everyone who had wronged me. I hated them. They hated me. But, they had no idea I was taking over THEM from the inside out.

“AVERY! I MEAN PRIVET CHANCE!” said a voice. I dropped my gun, and turned around.

Pax stood in front of me, breathing hard. Her dark curls where sweetly, here forehead soaked.

“What?” I said.

“It’s..Bella..passed out..10th lap.” she mustered. I nodded, and begin to run toward the track.

“YOU!” I demand a boy, “GET FOUR STORNG BOYS, AND FOLLOW ME!” he nodded and called to his friends.

I reached the track, and saw a group of kids over Bella. I ran, the boys on my heels.

said to a boy who wasn’t going to move.

I moved over Bella, felt her head.

“OK, boys carry her to the infamy! NOW!” I yelled.

I jogged to the inform, with everyone on my tail.

The End

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