I'm Joinig the ArmyMature

We walked slowly down the hall, nodding to the others.

“Behave.” he whispered in my ear.

“Why?” I said thourgh a plastered smile.

“Because, they are announcing who will be going to combat after Bella is made a sargert.” he said waving to a boy. “Ok?”

“Really?” I asked.

“Yes, Avery. Now act like this is the best day ever.” I nodded. We came the hall, and saw they where announcing names.

“Why must they announce us?” I herded Bella whisper. She was not a good whispered.

“Privet Avery Marie Chance and Privet Henry Gabe Jones.’’ We walked slowly past the man who was announcing, people begin to clap.

I smiled, raised the hand Henry held captive, and waved. We made our way to a table placed in front of the generals. Crape, there watching my every move. I took my seat, and clapped when I felt the need to.

Around stood up, everybody clapped. He waved, smiled and waited for the clapping to stop.

“Hello, Privets, Soldiers, Sargert, Avery, and Miss. Bella.” he smiled and started right at me. I felt like standing up, shacking my butt saying “I’M AVERY!! OHH YEA, IT’S ME!” But I couldn’t no, I was here to act like a Genre’s daughter. Not a rebels god-daughter. No, I’m better than that.

“Privet Lawrence, come up now.” he said. Bella shyly walked up, her hand down.

“Why is she scared?” he asked.

“If you knew, it wouldn’t be a secret would it?” I asked.


“Shut up, and listen.”

Bella held her head high when he pinned the pin to her breast. She turned, gave him a proper bow, and returned to her seat. It took three minutes do nothing.

“Now, for the moment your all waiting for. Which of you are going into combat. Privet Chance, will you do the honors.” He said. It was not a question, more of a demand. I sighed stood up, fixed my skirt, debated on getting my sword, and demanding a fight, and sighed. The sound of my heels clicking on the floor was annoying, but a sound all women must deal with.

When I reached the stand, he handed me a evolved.

“Read carefully, you won’t be shocked.” I felt his hot breath on my ear. I nodded and took the stage.

“Hello.” I said. “Um..Ohh, so nice people. I’m sure they will be proud.” Nodded saw my name, Henrys, a girl named Pax and not Bella’s. What was going on.

“First, is Pax Maxwell’s. Wow, Pax you scored well.” I said. A girl with tight dark curls stepped up, walking up, smiling.

“Thank you.” she said to me. I nodded, and motioned for her to see Around.

“Next is Henry Jones. Not bad, not bad at all.” I said. He laughed and took his things.

“Finally is myself. I’m sorry for those who will not be joing us.” I said. I walked over and took my things. I was in for Hell.

The End

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