I begin to walk towards base camp. I was trying to plot out a good plan. These camps had been training for weeks, months, hell some for years. I had barely been here two weeks.

“Privet Chance!” said a tiny girl.

“Yes, Privet?”

“Your needed at camp.” said the girl.


“New privets.”

“Oh.” I followed the girl back to camp. A bus was stopped in front of the main house. It was a gray bus, the ones the matched our uniform. The dull gray uniform.

I begin to pick up my pace when I saw the privets line up.

“REPORT FOR DUTY!” I yelled. The scared privets stood still, there arms pressed to there fore heads. I walked in front of them, taking in the wimpy things I was to train.

“State your name, age, and where your from. After you have been dismissed, you may go over there and do 100 push ups. Henry will see that you do.” I made my way be hide them, and poked a girl who’s but was not sucked in, on the but. She let out a giggle. “NO LAUGHING!” I yelled.

I walked in front of them, grabbed the notebook Henry held, and a pen.


“Quinn Jones.”



“Home Town?”

“Orphan, Miss.”

“Very Good. 100 push ups.”

It all want like that. Only, Quinn stuck in my mind. She had short pixie cut hair, and long lashes.

I walked thorgh my privets, fixing pushups.

“Ok, privets. Listen up. We have less than a month to train for combat. YOU WILL BE TESTED, YOU WILL WORK YOUR ASSES OFF! IF YOU AREN’T I’LL SEE TO IT THAT YOU DO.” I herded a chorus of “Yes, Ma’mas’” I turned around, and ,made my way to my room.


Bella shock me vastly.

“What?” I asked.

“The Generals are having a ceremony. In a hour. Come on, we have to get ready.” I groaned and rolled out of bed. I walked do the bathroom and splashed water on my face. I looked at myself in the mirror and planed.

I opened the closet, and pulled out my suit. It was a simple black skirt, and white button down blouse with a black over coat. I sighed, and brushed my hair. I begin to braid my hair back, trying to look neat, when Bella stopped me.

“That’s your combat look, Avery. Come here.” She grabbed my hair, brushed it out and begin to curl it. Than, she took the top, and put in a simple bun.


“What about my hat?” I asked.

“Don’t where it.”


“Clashes the outfit.”

“Umm..” I nodded. Than, I took the belt that was custom for us to where for ceremonies, and slipped in the sword.

I hared a knock on the door.

“Hello, ladies.” I hared Henry say. “I’m here to escort Avery to the ceremony.” I sighed and walked to the door. He tooked my arm and joined it with his and lead me down the hall.

The End

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