Dropping the BombMature

The ceremony was to be held in a week. A week. A weeks time for Bella and I too come up with a plan. A plan on how to save our butts. What if they asked us how we know about the bomb? What would we say?

That we where working for the REAL government? That we planned to kill there leader? If we said any of those things, you could bet I’d be dead by sundown.

I walked slowly toward the old car, my gun tied closely to my back. I tighted my helmet.

The squad leader, a teenage boy named Hennery, motioned for us to attack. I jumped up onto the car, and begin to fire. I ducked into the chatted back window and shot from the safety of the car.

“Privet Chance, fire more!” yelled Hennery. I cursed under my breath, and begin to fire more. I felt my braid fall lose from the helmet.

“Privet, Do I have to tell you again, keep your hair under the helmet.

“You keep your hair under your hamlet.” I said under my breath.

I saw one of the other training teams, Bella’s I believe, fire right at my head. I ducked to the floor of the car. I stuck my gun, set the spotter and shot.

“STOP!” the voice boomed from the over head where the Generals of the Camp where watching us. “Will Privet Avery Chance please step to the platform. Harney Jones, you may follow her.” I slid out of the car, and made my way to the platform which I was dirtied to go to.

“Privet Chance, you will lead the traing mission. The one for the whole camp against the others. You have one months time to plan, and train your soldiers. Understand?” said the voice I knew as Geranial Snow.

“I do, Sir.” I answered.

“Good Privet. Privet Hennery, please hand her the maps and lists of privets.” he handed me the papers and shook my hand.

“Your some lucky twelve year old.”

“Thanks, I guess.” I said. I turned back to face my troupes.

“Ok, soldiers. Listen up. I’m not going to drill you, no. I’m going to drill you to hell.’’ I allowed time for gasps, hearing such language from a sweet, angelic little girl.

“Rember the Navy Seals?” I asked. I got a few nods, and I few shrugs. “Your going to make tem look weak. Even thourgh we ARE not in combat, soldiers, the other camps will treat it like one. Besides, we will all be combat soon. Got to train right?” All of the soldier nodded.

“Good, go back to camp. When I return, I want you all to have done 50 push up, pull ups, AND run three miles. Henry, make sure that is done.” He nodded and lead the privets to camp.

The platform below me begin to move up toward the command room. I took off my helmet, and quickly fixed my hair.

“Hello, Avery.” said General Snow.

“General Snow.” I nodded to the three other Generals in change of the camp.

“Avery,” said General Around. She was a women in her fifties with blond hair. “Do you know why we choose you?”

“For my fighting skills?”

“Yes. And, for the fact your Father was a General in the American Army, before his..er..un timely death.”

“I’m aware of my fathers death.”

“We think you have the skills too help us to victory.” General Smith blurted out.


“You had the skills as soon as we saw you with that sniper, Avery. Have you have any training with bombs?” Oh, crape. The question.

“Slight, just enough to defense and build one.”

“Hmm..” the generals turned to face each other like they where having there own secret talk. Geranial Smith put a pen to his month, Snow laughed, Around kept it going. Only General George was watching me.

“Avery, I used to be good friends with your Father and Mother. Infect, Avery, I’m your God Father.” he said.


“Of course, don’t you reamer? I held you when you first said ‘Bomb’ and I was there at all of your birthdays? Remember?”


“Well, I’m going to make sure you make it out alive, Avery.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“Privet, you a dismissed.” said Snow.

I nodded and left.

The End

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