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From bombing the Rebels HQ to fighting her own people Avery chance is a fighter. But, fighting her own people scares her. Being the youngst fighter in her unit isn't that helpful, ethier. She knows if she want's to get back at the rebels for killing her family, she must fight. And win.

The air bomber killed my Father. It killed my Mother. It killed my sister. It killed my family. It killed everyone I loved. Everyone I was close to. Now I’m out for revenge. And I plan to get it.



I dropped my notebook on the table. Nobody would believe that I, Avery, could harm even the smallest of flies. But I can. I’ve been trained to. I’ve always known when the rebels begin to over power the Federal Government; my family would be one of the first to die.  We were the once great nation of America, now where just rotting to ground. Some people say that we don’t even deserve to call ourselves “Americans”; they want to change our names to, some God awful name.


The sunny, Virginia day was almost blinding. I put my left hand over my eyes, and watched three airplanes fly over head. They had they Rebel banner tagging along the tail. I almost died. Those same planes, only two years prior, had the seal of America on the tail. An eagle, now no animal that I can name. Just…I don’t know. It’s scary, that’s all I can understand. Every things scary these days.  To my understanding. I have no idea what life was like a hundred years ago.  I wish I knew.



I smiled, at the thought of being alive back than. Nobody would want to.  The “Technology Age”, is so primitive. They had nothing compared to stuff we do. They where just using Hybrids in 2011, we have hybrids everything. We did, I guess. Until the Rebels took our hybrid. 



“Rebels took our everything.” Said a voice from behind me. I turned around to see Bella. Her long dark curls placed her face beautify. She had almost glass skin, and big, violet eyes. She was very tall, almost six feet. She made me and my 5’4 self feel tiny.




“I know.” I said. She let out a high pitched giggle, that every time I herded, I almost fell to the ground laughing.



Bella was high placed in the government. She was a judge in training. She took classes, and sometimes took simple court cases, like how much should someone pay for child support. But, that one case, the one where the rebel leader, where she sat in for Judge Huns.



“Come on, Avery, you want to get to New York by sun down right?” I nodded. “Than get you bag and get in the car.” I walked back to the tent, and grabbed my bag. I picked up a notebook. I opened up to the day marked June 5th, 2028. Almost two years ago.


Today, my family was killed. Wiped off the face of the earth. Gone. I watched it happened, from a distance. It was hard to watch. Emma’s yells of pain, Daddy’s swearing, Momma’s prays to God to let them live. I begin to run when I saw the plane, I was a fast runner. I was over twenty miles away, just enough not to die. But, I could still get the Fallout. I must have run two miles by the time the bomb dropped, twenty-two miles away from home. I don’t think I can write more...




“AVERY!” yelled Bella. I tossed the notebook in my bag, and jogged over to the car. I hopped in, and slipped on my hat.  My long, blonde hair was known. Really, it was my looks that where famous. I was called “Little Morrow”. The Press claimed that I was related to the dead star.  I am not.


By the time the New York Sky line rolled into view, the sun had gone down. Not all the way, just enough to be called “Twilight”.  Bella drove to a park once known as “Central Park” and parked the car near a lake.

“If we hurry, we can make to downtown by nightfall.” She whispered. I nod.

“But what if we’re caught?” I asked. She raised her head.

“Than we’ll fight.”


It turned out we didn’t need to fight. Or even raise our fists. Getting into the rebel’s hide-out was like taking candy from a baby. Easy.

We walked in the revolving doors,  and set the page with the bomb down. We were NOT going to use it if we didn’t have to. We hoped we wouldn’t have to.


Jess, Bella good friend who I was convinced was her boyfriend, pointed us to the front counter. We walked up to the old, sectary.

“Hello, Ma’ma, my little sister and I have a meeting to get to. Now, which way is Dr. Liam’s office is?”  She handed us a map, and pointed to the second floor.

“Have a good day!” she said as we made our way to the elevator, leaving the bomb in Jess’s care.

“I’m scared.” I said. Bella grabbed my hand, and held it tightly.

“Be brave. Just drop it on his desk, and kick the glass window in. You’ve been trained for this. We both have. And don’t worry, the women downstairs is working for us. She’ll be out. For a ‘cig’ break.” I laughed. The door opened on the fourteenth floor, the very top one.  We made our way to the back room.

“Hello, Sir.” Said Bella. She smiled, and held out her hand. “I’m Bell Edwards. My sister and I want to join your army core.”  

“Well, YOU can, but how old is she?” he pointed at me.

“Twelve. One year over the age.” I smiled. “Or, do you not want a twelve year old girl? ‘Cause I can dress like a boy.”

“No, no. You just  look younger. Of course you can. Please fill out this from." he handed Bella the paper work. Bella quickly filled out both froums and handed them over.

"Every thing seems to be in order." he said.

"Oh my, what a pretty view you have." she walked over the ther glass wall, and studied the outside. It was time.

Five, Four, three, oh god don't let me die, 0ne, JUMP! I kicked down the glass window, along with Bella, and made our way down to the street below. With the man behinde us.

The End

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