Freedom Station

How did I find myself here in the midst of CORE ?
I thought I skillfully escaped the traps that were laid for me. I thought I had recognized the flaws in there so called wisdom but still I find myself in CORE ; this dark place that robs you of hope and kills your dreams. I can’t survive here. At my soul, I must create, I must dream, I must live on. Can there be an escape from CORE . Can there be a new life on the other side of this war. Can they see me? Can they see who I really am, or have I managed to keep my true self hidden. The self that still has hope, that still wants to dream even if you can’t dream here. Is my life to be what Thoreau reflected upon as quiet desperation? Was he right, is this all that exists after CORE takes over. Their coming. Is this my turning point? Do I have the strength to stem this tide? Enough indecision, freedom is the most important thing now.

The End

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