Research and More Research

"position of regenerating cells from an undisclosed new source. See you tomorrow Alex. We can meet in the spinning room and swim some laps afterwards."

           They give each other a hug and she spins around to head back to her electronic car her dad gave her upon graduation.

"So you want to meet this Friday and go for a movie at the Apex? There's a great new 3D movie coming out that night with new Indie sounds importedfrom third world bands of the Haiti Islands. The movie is funding rebuilding their town again from the most recent hurricane."

          Ever since Hurricane Muriel of 2013, there has been annual devastating weather which destroys many communities in third world countries. The movie industry has been government mandated to help fund any emergency crisis intervention for devasted towns, something the now bankrupt Red Cross used to perform.

"Sounds like a plan to me Alex. What time should I pick you up?". Ryan asks.

"Seven thirty should be fine. Just call me before you leave your house and I'll reserve our tickets". Alex tells Ryan to pull up in the drive way and she will come out to meet him, that she'll be bringing two other friends as well. They part.

          Again Alex is left with her thoughts. So I guess I'm not dreaming, she thinks. Maybe I've been having too much caffeine lately and I'm not getting enough REM sleep. Well, I'm somewhat glad my friends are all very intelligent and we'll all be working at the same company or very close by.


The End

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