Strict Adherance for Qualified Candidates

           How did they get there? An almost near financial collapse in the United States, and an extreme decline in student global standing of American students compared to Korea, Finland and China have made the federal government demand strict high standard requirements for all students to become critical thinkers by the years 2020 to excell in science and math globally.

          Teachers are no longer viewed as mere instructors, but highly paid professionals of cutting edge think tanks to exponentially increase the number of students to become a part of the environmental energy innovation program funded by the federal government. This program is to invent new forms of mass energy transportation, fix infrastructure, reinvent housing that uses now scarce resources wisely and find ways to cleanse now very limited water resources.

          Science gone awry you say? Not so, these programs have actually made matters much improved. The now government mandated wind farms and solar paneled energy fields have replaced most needs for middle eastern countries oil supplies. Cars are now run on solar energy and some lithium fusion pyrotechnics innovention discovered by urban school kids who once were selling drugs from their ghetto blasted run down ford mustangs, but now are known as some of the most intelligent computer, auto and electronic engineers in the country. Their motivations for excelling in science studies came from government opportunity programs funded by the local private ivy league colleges looking for young minds willing to put in the ten to twelve hour daily study time to learn the many complicated math equations and physics formulas to become innovators of the new world. The payoff was for these poor urban students to be accepted into employment upon program completion making annual salaries above 200,000 dollars. There is definitely something to aspire to, the actual American Dream promised in green, given that the students learn and study under extreme measures.

"Well I gotta get going." Phoebe tells Ryan.

"I have an interview with Mr. Logan tomorrow at 7am for a chemistry lab research"

The End

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