Freedom by Adam.LMature

I coughed and sobbed while realising my slow and imminent fate. My body colder than the crystalized snow in which sits at the base of the arctic; the frozen and stale air entering and escaping my lungs, appearing before my face as a white cloud of smoke. My lips solid and chapped, keeping my tongue at bay inside its cage of clattering teeth. My cries of deep regret could not manage a single tear, my dehydrated and unfed body clasping and shivering, defying my minds lack of energy. The limbs that I used to call ‘legs’ are now flimsy tools, only there to remind me of my misfortunes and disbeliefs.
Of course, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my stupidity as an individual, unsatisfied by my way of life and constant bothering’s from my school groups.
‘You should date him’ or ‘He looks cute, why don’t you go talk to him’, Were just some of the things I heard within the boundaries of my own thoughts, truth be told, I was almost too scared to even approach some of these people, which I now regret not doing. I pity myself way too much to even take action, for failure was an option, closer to that of success. Not much of a fifty-fifty chance as it was an eighty-twenty. Never the less, I stayed where I was.
Right now, in this exact moment in time, I would give anything to be able to leave this place of solitude and desperation, sometimes mistaken for sadness and rage.
How did you get yourself into this one, Amy? I thought to myself. All I had that connected with the outside world were my rapid hallucinations of my friends and family. It felt like I was actually talking to them as they sat on the cushioned chair, listening to how my day was, this contact gave me hope that my mind was still functioning, just, not properly.
Although, what I thought as a hallucination were actual footsteps, gave me a sudden urge of relief, until remembering that same noise the night before, and the night before that.
The wooden steps creaked as the heavy, diluted footsteps clashed upon the splintered timber. One step after another until it all came to a sudden stop. The sound rose again, but this time on pavement, the steps softer in audio but echoing around the room. It got louder and louder as it approached, until the figure in which produced the sounds stood in front of me. I was reluctant to look up and stare this stranger in the eyes, which were presumably covered by smart, but fogged up glasses.
“Good evening, dear,” the figure said, with a soft, calming voice. I decided that he was probably looking for a response from me. I finally looked up, just before receiving a dead smile from his wrinkled face.
“W-why… Why ar.. Why are you… doing this to me?” I finally questioned; my eyes violently shaking, trying to ignore the bright light which hung from the ceiling, torturing my sight with vicious threats.
The stranger chuckled while walking over to his workbench, “To keep you safe, of course!”
I became confused with his answer, looking down at my helpless body and wondering how he thought my condition was “safe”.
I looked back up and spotted the man pouring some sought of meat into a plastic bowl, then grabbed some liquid an pouring it into a separate one. He placed both of them near me, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a bundle of keys. He was in no way hesitant to free me from my steel containment. I crawled out; I could feel the burn of the man’s eyes staring at me, heading forward to my first resort of food and water.
My head dipped automatically into the water, the cold liquid made myself even cooler, but it was defiantly worth it. It was satisfying to feel it go down my throat. The meat sat in its separate bowl.
I took a large mouthful of it, regretting the decision and spitting it out. It had a horrible taste, like rotten sushi thrown in a muddy puddle, rolled up in mouldy, wet bread. I gagged multiple times before looking up at the table to see an open can of cat food. I tried vomiting, just being denied of the chance due to my lack of stomach fuels.
“What is wrong with you?” I asked in a soft, sobbing noise, gagging uncontrollably.
Once again, the man chuckled, “There is nothing wrong with me. All I want is your safety.”
“I don’t even know you!”
“Oh, but I know you.”
I looked up at the door which sat upon the stairway. In that split second I made a run for the stairs, my legs faultily trying to stand. My feet covered with splinters powered up the steps. I almost reached the door before two arms grabbed me from the back. I kicked and screamed, hitting the stranger’s shins and thighs. Before I could scream, the arms dropped me and my legs fell from underneath me. Hitting a few steps and falling off the side, I could see my life which had flashed past my eyes, regretting every decision I had ever made.
I flopped down and landed on the concrete. I was unable to move. The coldness of my body disappearing. My eyes locked on the wall. I could feel myself escaping from my position. My body calmed down and relaxed. I could finally feel a sense of self accomplishment.
I was finally… Free.

The End

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