1. Hair

A peculiar look on life.

"I'm going to get a haircut" I announced.

"Which one?" they said. Old family joke.

"The one at 357 over 4655 by pi radians at 4.0721 inches, or 10.3431 cm from the center" I smirked at them. The door slammed after me.

I walked, the path familiar. All paths may lead to Rome, but some are better used than others.

When it came time to turn the last corner into the mall, my feet kept on going. Straight roads ahead of me curved up and down, invitingly. I watched as the flowers rushed by. 

"Now we're past the bog" I said to myself, thinking of all the adventures I had had exploring in there. My feet almost turned in, but the magnetic attraction of the emptiness ahead kept me going. 

I watched. A bee pollinated a flower. A flag ruffled in the wind, then settled down. A cloud sailed by, looking like a teddy bear, then an airplane. The cars became background noise as my mind wandered freely, contrails in the deep blue sky reflecting in puddles, birds chirping, trees rustling.

I wondered when they'd put in the missing person report.

It was getting dusky. A seedy motel appeared. 

"I'd like a room" I said. Credit cards don't care, you see.

"Sure. License plate number please?" 

"I don't have a license plate."

She peered out the window.

"No car." I explained.

She looked suspicious.

"Walking tour." I explained further. "Practice for walking across the country like Terry Fox."

"He ran" she pointed out, still suspicious.

I thought about this, and then shrugged.

"I'd run if I was afraid of getting cancer again too."

She gave me the key grudgingly. If a missing person report came out she'd turn me in in no time. 

The End

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