Should we stay or should we go?

1037 'Bard's' HQ/Appartment complex

After a long bit of touring the facility, Spockeh and the crew found themselves staring at eachother in their own barracks style bedroom. It had been silent for the past few minuets, no one cracked jokes, nor did they speak a protest to their stowing of confidence in their newfound allies. Everyone was quiet, too quiet.

"Alright," Scorch said, "What's going on here? Are we all mute or what?" That lightened up everyones' toungs.

"No, we're just thinking that's all." Bugger fired back quickly. Pheniox nodded in assent.

"Yeah, I'm getting a wierd feeling here. Like we're not welcome by all." Phenoix said.

Spockeh sighed, "Questions, comments and concerns out on the table now." He ordered. The group shifted slightly as they got ready for some debates. Bugger was first to go.

"I love this place," He commented, "Their electronics are more powerful that what I can carry with me. I could do about double the stuff I'm trying now with their equipment. But I'm thinking that not everyone likes us here."

"Yeah, same here," Scorch said, "They like us in the general sense, but some of them are just masking their true feelings."

"That's what I've been seeing," Ninja commented, "I don't think they like having us more or less barging in and trying to fit in so quickly." That struck a familiar chord with the group.

"You don't think we have another Safe here do you?" Trucker asked imploringly.

"No, not really," Ninja responded, "But I think it could turn into that if we don't be careful enough and tread lightly around this place."

"Yeah, because I don't wanna be held hostage here," Digger commented, "I mean, did you see what they had in that armory? I was seeing M4 carbines with Military grade attachments in there. And I'm pretty sure I saw part of a Javilin missle launcher too."

Scorch's left eyebrow raised up, "Are you serious? Because I saw some C-4 in there, not the stuff we have, but I mean C-4 C-4."

"So what do you guys think?" Spockeh asked, cutting off the debating, "Do we stay or do we go?" The silence returned again as everyone mulled it over.

"Like I said, if we stay," Ninja began, "we need to be careful of what we do. These guys have more firepower and more guys at their disposal than the other Protagonists at the Safe. If we get in trouble here, we'll have to fight our way out."

Phenoix nodded, "Yes, but I think that we can't just skirt about everything. We need to be careful of what we do, just not to the point where we're parinoid about every single thing we do here. Vigilance, constant vigilance I propose." Everyone liked the Harry Potter referenece at the end, and it continued.

"What if this Bard is nothing more than a Green Vox? Maybe the Bard that we've come to know as a friend in the past is captured by the Lit Pol and this one is just putting on a show?" Scorch inserted, "I mean, this group could have a completely new set of MO's by the end of the week depending on the Bard that they have at the time. I'm not fully trusting the 'Bard' much."

The Green Vox, a character in Tom Clancy's End War, is a leader of a terrorist faction that seemingly never dies, and never is captured. If one week, the Green Vox is captured in Switzerland, another pops up in Montana. The chain goes on and on so the Green Vox is unknown to the world and each one is different.

"That and I don't think we were helped by this guy coincidentaly either." Trucker said, "This guy knew Phenoix's name when we met. That tells me something about the guy. He has tabs on us and know what we're doing and when we're doing it. I don't like it, not one bit."

"So again, do we stay or do we go?" Spockeh asked again, this time more forcefully. Everyone grew quiet as they contemplated the idea of staying or going for good.

"I say it's too early to tell," Bugger said after a few moments of silence, "I say let's give this a try and see how it goes." Heads nodded in agreement.

"' Then I wash my hands of the whole thing.'" Spockeh quoted, "We stay, but only for now." And with that, the meeting adjourned and the group left.

Up in the back left corner of the room, however, another participant stayed behind: A small closed circut camera.

The End

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