Light in the Dark

Dark woke up with a terrible headache. Someone had cleaned him up and put him in bed. He sat up and a sheet of paper fell of his lap onto the floor. Scooping it up, he read what it said.

She can't talk, they destroyed her ability to speak. You're useless to anyone until you snap out of this so consider this your intervention.

Frowning as he tried to work out the consequences of that message, he looked around the cell. Dru was in another bed on the other side.

He put a hand to his mouth and breathed out. Silently he crept towards the door.

"Psst. Look, there isn't anything left to say okay. She hates me. She hates us all. My wife died when I killed her, leaving her behind all those years ago. Just open the door. I'm done." Dark whispered, his face pressed against the cold, hard metal of the door.

His only answer was silence.

Suddenly angry he hit the door with a fist. "Just bloody let me out. I know someone is out there! Come on! Kai!? Gwen!? Robyn!? Anyone! LET ME OUT!"

Still silence. He heard a shuffling and turned around. Dru was standing behind him. Fear and self-loathing ate him suddenly and he backed into the door.

For the first time since they'd found each other again he looked at her properly, saw her as she was rather than though a lens of guilt. She was still the amazing, strong woman he'd married. She'd been broken but somewhere inside her that core of strength still burnt on, he could see that now, could see how much he'd truly hurt her by leaving her to the wolves.

"I'm so sorry. I know words aren't enough, I know that there is no excuse. I still love you, I always have and always will. Don't let them break us like they tried to break you, your stronger than that, we both know it. I won't ask for forgiveness, I know I don't deserve it."

Dru looked into his eyes and shook her head. No, she couldn't forgive him. Then she moved her hand in a sweeping motion. Perhaps, maybe, they could move past it.

Dark trembled, tears in his eyes and he told Dru everything, told her what had happened since he left her behind, what he'd done and how he'd done it all for her. In turn, he listened as Dru told him of the brutal things done to her, the torture and pain and misery, how they broke her a little bit more every time he didn't come back to rescue her. She told him how she had come to be one of them and of the terrible things she'd done in the name of revenge.

They sat on Dru's bunk, holding each other close, then they wept. Tears of shame, tears of guilt but finally after all this time, tears of joy.


The End

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