Breath out...

Eyes unfocused, Dru gazed at the wall in front of her. She had lost count of time since she'd woken, thought her stomach seemed to think it had been a while. Her bowels agreed, the smell of urine was very strong. No one had come into the room since Dark had fled her burning accusation.

Emotions warred within. She probably shouldn't have crushed his hand, years ago it seemed now. Yet just the sight of him had made her loose all sense of... anything. Everything, but the desire for her retribution. Even after all these years and all that had happened, the mere sigh of him had turned her to a child of simple logics. But what now? That desire for revenge had brought her nothing but more hardship and suffering. Had it been worth it?

She briefly wondered what was happening outside these four walls. She recalled there had been at least two other protagonists, perhaps there were more. Perhaps they had gone already. Dru couldn't decide how she felt about that. Now that there was the chance to look back over the past few years, Dru didn't think she could blame the Protagonists if they had left her in this hole. The lost of her voice had been the proverbial straw. There were plenty of things LitPol had her do that no sane person would have even considered doing to another person. She had betrayed every principal she'd ever held, all for this one chance at revenge which had turned out to mean nothing.

Her eyes brimmed, but the tears didn't fall. She clenched her teeth, and straining against her bonds. A sound halfway between a sob and a wail fought past her clenched teeth. She leant away from the back of the chair, the cable around her middle pulling tight. There had been no point to any of it. All her efforts had been futile. The chair rocked. She should have given up, way-back-when. The chair fell to it's side, scraping her shoulder along the concrete floor, and banging her head hard enough to see stars. Give up said a little voice inside her. Nothing to be done now, but to give up and die. Another small sob escaped her and the tears ran. Dru closed her eyes. Give up? she thought back. Fine then. Oblivion sounded nice. Dru's mind began to empty, and she let all breath escape her body. As she felt herself drifting off to the pleasant oblivion, dimly she heard the door open.
"Oh hell," came a man's voice. "Not this one too..."

The End

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