Compromising our integerity

Raven bit her lip and paced around the kitchen. While the grownups decied her fate. Her father was determined to go to Toronto on a possible wild goose chase...None of them ever did anything illiegal like this...Raven didn't want her father drawn into this lifestyle.There was no peace in this lifestyle. Only the chase.

This was her choice. He shouldn't have to go and forge documents for her. Raven was willing to bare the consequenes again But then again he didn't really have a choice either. That was love. Love wouldn't just let him just walk away. Raven's Father Paul was not going to give up on her. Raven needed i.d.'s and he had the money to buy flawless ones and that was that. There was no need to argue about it really...

But her Mother ofcourse was here...Valerie flew overnight and had gotten little sleep. She was cranky understandably. But that wasn't why she was yelling. This was a reunion of sorts. Her parents hadn't seen each other since that rocky christmas. Cold hello's quickly turned into yelling and screaming. Valerie believed in good pure living. She drank her eight glasses a day and worked out three times a week. Worest of all, Valerie had never told a lie in her life. She was not happy to be stuck in this one.

" Your being naive.." Paul started

Valerie huffed and interrupted " No, I'm a realist. If we go to the police, they have nothing on her. Reading is just a misdeamanour"

Paul shouted back " Than why did they send her to the Tower?"

" They saw her protagonist background and obviously thought the worest. But I'm sure they've cleared that up"

Paul rolled his eyes and breathed. He silently prayed for patience or a bottle of beer, if god was generous both.

Than he said softly " What if they haven't? "

Silence. In the background Raven could hear her Aunt turning the pages of her latest hardcover.She sat there reading and pretending to be impartial.  No wanted to answer that question. Valerie quickly realized that she would eventually gleefully break her values. It wasn't a bad thing to lie for some you love. Some even saw it as a heroic thing. But Valerie feared it would only be the begininng. The start of a vicious cycle. The intent maybe noble but once lies got out of hand nothing else would be.

Valerie just nodded silently. It wasn't her blessing. She didn't agre with this in the least but she wanted her daughter to live. This dirty deed would let everything else fall back into place. Her daughter could teach and live underneath a new name. She could take this new identity and treat it as a baptism...Make her life anew...

" Tomorrow then..." Paul said

The End

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